Andrea Carracedo


La gran mayoría de mis fotos son con mi teléfono , algunas con una cámara muy normal. Disfruto haciéndolas. Es una pasión Instagram abcregalos
Tree Branch Leaf Forest Fruit Sky Green Color Plant Part Flowering Plant Blooming
Yellow Leaf Tree Hanging Sunlight Prickly Pear Cactus Close-up Plant
Tree Sky Architecture Under Street Scene Below Exterior Passageway
Tree Backgrounds Full Frame Close-up Tranquility Beauty In Nature Tranquil Scene Non-urban Scene Stream Growing Idyllic Blooming Scenics
Sand Beach Close-up Animal Eye
Water City Door Close-up Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Historic Lion - Feline Door Knocker Lioness
Water Spraying Tree Motion Fountain Sky Architecture Drinking Fountain Stream Water Wheel Water Slide Hydroelectric Power Running Water Bamboo - Material Water Park Dam Irrigation Equipment Water Conservation Water Tower - Storage Tank
City Tree Bubble Wand Multi Colored Men Full Length Artist Rainbow Architecture Building Exterior Pixelated Artificial Intelligence Street Art Bubble Silhouette Blooming
Water Astronomy Business Finance And Industry City Sky Architecture Calm Horizon Over Water Scenics Coast Office Building Waterfront Seascape Tranquil Scene Tranquility
Painted Image Multi Colored Backgrounds Full Frame Textured  Pattern Art And Craft Close-up Street Art Aerosol Can Graffiti Mural Spray Paint Modern Art Painted ArtWork Art
City Full Length City Life Street Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Breakdancing Hip Hop Street Art City Street Visiting Acrobat Dancer Chain Swing Ride
Flower Head Flower City Pink Color Cityscape Water Close-up Architecture Sky Building Exterior Prickly Pear Cactus In Bloom Petunia Orchid Magenta Cactus Blossom
Locker Room Locker Closed Office Building Building Keyhole
Water Tree Sky Architecture Arch Bridge Bridge - Man Made Structure Footbridge Cable-stayed Bridge Railway Bridge Chain Bridge Hydroelectric Power Dam Bascule Bridge Railroad Bridge Irrigation Equipment Engineering Covered Bridge Underneath River Arch Water Wheel Reservoir Boat Canal Suspension Bridge Watermill
Pets Portrait Feline Domestic Cat Looking At Camera Whisker Lying Down Close-up Ginger Cat Stray Animal Tabby Animal Eye Tortoiseshell Cat Pet Bed Yellow Eyes Maine Coon Cat Cat Retaining Wall Carnivora Eye Kitten Tabby Cat Animal Head  Owl Snout
Pets Portrait Dog Lying Down Close-up Chihuahua - Dog Pug Whisker Pet Clothing Domestic Cat Feline Tabby Cat Pet Bed Yorkshire Terrier Yellow Eyes Carnivora Kitten Lap Dog Ginger Cat Pampered Pets Persian Cat  Stray Animal Tortoiseshell Cat
Tree Politics And Government House Architecture Sky Built Structure Building Exterior Snowcapped Mountain Agricultural Building Snowcapped Place Of Worship Thatched Roof Snow Roof Tiled Roof  Snow Covered Rooftop Roof Tile Christianity Mosque Housing Settlement Catholicism Snowfall
Sand Abandoned Architecture Architectural Column Graffiti Bridge - Man Made Structure Underneath Aerosol Can Arcade Passageway Deterioration Colonnade Railway Bridge Spray Paint Vandalism Arch Bridge Suspension Bridge Bad Condition Chain Bridge Obsolete Damaged Cable-stayed Bridge Puddle Street Art Historic Bascule Bridge Footbridge Pediment Run-down
Destruction Old Ruin Abandoned Damaged Business Finance And Industry Sky Architecture Cloud - Sky Run-down Demolished Rusty Ruined Obsolete Bad Condition Civilization Deterioration Ghost Town Rubble Weathered Peeling Off Old
Industry Home Improvement Destruction DIY House Workshop Close-up Architecture Built Structure Scaffolding Construction Site Crane - Construction Machinery Renovation Deterioration Graffiti Peeling Off Building Contractor Street Art Damaged Incomplete Abandoned Road Construction Construction Earth Mover Dust Run-down Construction Vehicle Paint Roller Vandalism Ruined
Abandoned Residential Structure Deterioration Monsoon Wet Run-down Dust Bad Condition Old Ruin Amphitheater Rainy Season Ruined Broken Drop Shipwreck Dew Ancient Rome Archaeology Demolished Civilization Obsolete Weathered Ancient Civilization Damaged Exterior RainDrop Peeling Off Droplet
Rotting Sand Abandoned Animal Themes Ruined Damaged Broken Bad Condition Run-down Peeling Off Weathered Deterioration Destruction Civilization Iguana Peeled Obsolete Rubble Rusty Decline Discarded Shattered Glass Old Ruin Demolished Lizard
Dirty Close-up Bad Condition Ruined Obsolete Damaged Run-down Abandoned Broken Peeling Off Deterioration Rusty Old Ruin Demolished Archaeology Civilization Shipwreck Destruction Discarded Junkyard Peeled Shattered Glass Scrap Metal Interior Rotting
Living Room Home Interior Window Domestic Room Peeling Off Abandoned Bad Condition Damaged Deterioration Worn Out Civilization Discarded Weathered Destruction Run-down Obsolete Shipwreck Rusty Broken Decline Ruined Messy
Domestic Room Abandoned Deterioration Weathered Run-down Dust Damaged Bad Condition Peeling Off Destruction Shipwreck Rusty Civilization Broken Peeled Ruined Rotting Decline Demolished Latch Scrap Metal Shattered Glass Junkyard Worn Out Obsolete Old Old Ruin Discarded
Architectural Column Architecture Built Structure Suspension Bridge Monsoon Arch Bridge Abandoned Cable-stayed Bridge Railway Bridge Bridge - Man Made Structure Rainy Season Run-down Bad Condition Deterioration Worn Out Shipwreck Obsolete RainDrop
Metal Industry Astronomy Library Factory Yellow City History Business Finance And Industry Smoke Stack Sky Office Building Steel Mill Old Ruin
Metal Industry Building - Activity Occupation Industry Construction Site Business Finance And Industry Smoke Stack Rubble Tower Mining Lookout Tower Construction Frame Construction Equipment Construction Construction Material Construction Machinery
City Old Ruin Sky Architecture Historic Female Likeness Street Art
Paper Text Handwriting  Close-up Formula Algebra Sketch Pad Information Western Script Mathematical Symbol Chalk - Art Equipment Chalk Drawing Exam Blackboard  Mathematics Warning Information Sign Signboard Capital Letter Physics Geometry Envelope Sketch Written Plus Sign
Sky Building Building Exterior Office Building Residential Structure Exterior Built Structure Settlement Urban Scene Tall Residential District Architecture TOWNSCAPE Historic Office Block Skyline
Tree Sky Architecture Cloud - Sky Civilization Historic Amphitheater Residential Structure Old Ruin Astronomy Planetary Moon Ruined Ancient Spiral Galaxy Ancient Rome King - Royal Person Ancient Civilization Building Constellation Archaeology Ancient Egyptian Culture Space And Astronomy Galaxy Starry Pyramid
Window Architecture Shattered Glass Skylight Historic Museum Destruction Cracked Damaged Directly Below Ceiling Destinations Looking Through Window Cupola Deserted Ruined Breaking Decline Tree Ring Bleak Bad Condition Run-down Deterioration Aged Art Museum Obsolete Abandoned Window Frame Demolished Civilization
Prison Window Architecture Office Building Building Architectural Feature Architectural Design Residential Building Architecture And Art Passageway Residential Structure Building Exterior Architectural Detail Archway Residential  Tall - High Historic Fire Escape Urban Scene Prison Cell Skylight TOWNSCAPE Settlement
Abandoned Water Architecture Close-up Built Structure Deterioration Interior Run-down Rusty Ruined Obsolete
Ancient Civilization Old Ruin Window King - Royal Person Business Finance And Industry History Architecture Built Structure Abandoned Discarded Obsolete Ruined Peeling Off Decline
Window Old Ruin Architecture Close-up Abandoned Deterioration Run-down Bad Condition Peeling Off Rusty
Industry Architecture Built Structure Historic Old Ruin The Past Ruined
Ceiling Architecture Built Structure Architectural Column Historic Fresco Arch Deterioration Plaster Interior Colonnade Orthodox Church Triumphal Arch Abandoned Peeling Off Worn Out Bad Condition History Pediment Run-down Chandelier Column Obsolete Passageway Exterior Passage
Working Manual Worker Sunlight Men Shadow Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Sky Construction Site Construction Earth Mover Urban Scenery Construction Equipment Crane - Construction Machinery Spiral Staircase Incomplete Building Contractor
City Business Finance And Industry Industry Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Deterioration Run-down Historic Archaeology Dome Ancient Civilization Abandoned Obsolete
Cementera Industria City Sky Architecture Building Exterior Cloud - Sky Built Structure Tower Financial District  Urban Skyline Skyscraper Cityscape Spire  Settlement Office Building
Tree Water Beach Sky Close-up Idyllic Tranquility Scenics Countryside Shore Ocean Foreground Calm Tranquil Scene Mid Distance Sandy Beach Horizon Over Water Country House Sea Grassland Hazy  Pebble Beach Non-urban Scene Lakeside Wave Rushing Fishing Pole Driftwood Remote Cloud
Old Ruin Business Finance And Industry Abandoned Window Architecture Built Structure Demolished Deterioration Bad Condition Civilization Weathered Destruction Confined Space Rubble Rusty Rotting Shattered Glass Ghost Town Broken Decline Obsolete Run-down Riot Peeling Off Ruined Collapsing Rotten Wreck Shipwreck Damaged
House Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Residential Structure Office Building Residential District Roof Tile TOWNSCAPE Residential Building Housing Settlement Settlement Human Settlement Rooftop Fire Escape Exterior Tiled Roof  Cityscape Roof Building Crowded Historic Town
Tree Water Sky Pathway The Way Forward Treelined vanishing point Walkway Wall Lamp Garden Path Long Paving Stone Diminishing Perspective Road Marking Narrow Passageway Woods Country Road Sunshade Double Yellow Line Leading Empty Road Growing
Oil Pump Sky Outdoor Play Equipment Irrigation Equipment Jungle Gym Water Park Slide - Play Equipment Water Slide Sprinkler Playground Swing Ice Hockey Stick Seesaw Merry-go-round Slide Lifeguard  Monkey Bars Watering Schoolyard Rope Swing Skating Sioux Falls Ice Hockey Ice Rink
Tree Sky Cloud - Sky Prickly Pear Cactus Orchard Vineyard Cultivated Land Vine - Plant Apple Tree Agricultural Field Bauble Orange Tree Spiked Plantation Winemaking Thorn Apple Blossom Crop  Grape Red Grape Barrel Cactus Tendril Spiky Tea Crop Fruit Tree Cactus Vine Lemon Tree Growing Succulent Plant
Tree Fruit Sky Cloud - Sky Plant Life Flower Head Pollen Growing Hibiscus Stamen In Bloom Petal Pink Blooming Stem Single Flower Fragility Agricultural Field Dahlia Orange Tree Sunflower Growth
Tree Place Of Worship City Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Cloud - Sky Tombstone Bell Tower - Tower Bell Tower Clock Tower Gravestone Houses Of Parliament - London Tomb Historic Cemetery War Memorial City Of Westminster Bell The End Cross Graveyard Doges Palace Place Of Burial Mourning Catholicism Christianity Crucifix Memorial
Tree Sky Architecture vanishing point Diminishing Perspective Building Double Yellow Line Office Building Growing Pathway Country Road Passageway Empty Road Residential Structure Treelined Walkway Leading Passage Historic Exterior Residential District Narrow Settlement The Way Forward Toadstool Residential Building Railroad Track Road Marking Young Plant
Window Architecture Built Structure Bad Condition Damaged Deterioration Civilization Old Ruin Weathered Ruined Obsolete Run-down Abandoned Peeled Ancient Civilization Archaeology Broken Amphitheater Discarded Shipwreck Rusty Destruction Decline The Past Interior Peeling Off
Pets Kitten Hedgehog Domestic Cat Whisker Persian Cat  Young Animal Ginger Cat Cat Cage Stray Animal Tortoiseshell Cat Confined Space Tabby Cat Tabby Pet Bed Maine Coon Cat At Home Yellow Eyes Carnivora Infant Feline Paw
Flower Head Flower Branch Pink Color Petal Close-up Plant Plant Life Periwinkle Apple Blossom Stamen Bud Softness Wild Rose In Bloom Apple Tree Orchard Stem Hibiscus Pistil Blossom Fruit Tree Day Lily Zinnia  Botany Twig
Tree Close-up Sky Deterioration Damaged Worn Out Shipwreck Obsolete Abandoned Run-down Discarded Rusty Weathered Bad Condition Peeling Off Broken Interior Ruined Decline Peeled
Bar Window Abandoned Old Close-up Architecture Deterioration Bad Condition Rusty Ruined Obsolete
Proyección Ciné Salón De Actos Mail Public Mailbox Communication Close-up Architecture Deterioration Restroom Sign Obsolete Peeling Off Public Restroom Doorknob Clock Face Run-down Envelope Bad Condition Disabled Sign Abandoned Mailbox
Architecture Close-up Building Exterior Damaged Damaged Bad Condition Weathered Deterioration Run-down Peeling Off Civilization Shipwreck Old Ruin Broken Rusty Whitewashed Abandoned Peeled Obsolete
Fire Alarm Red Close-up Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Public Mailbox Mailbox Fire Hose Fire Extinguisher Fire Hydrant Extinguishing Keyhole Fire Engine Closed Hose
Business Finance And Industry Graffiti Office Architecture Built Structure Riot Street Art Information Run-down Mural Aerosol Can Vandalism Bad Condition Abandoned Spray Paint Peeling Off Obsolete Deterioration Fresco Ruined Weathered Protest Western Script Damaged Protestor Rusty Discarded
Old-fashioned Home Interior Living Room Chair Apartment Architecture Piano Abandoned Bad Condition Discarded Obsolete Run-down Deterioration
Architecture Built Structure Bad Condition Run-down Abandoned Damaged Ruined Deterioration Old Ruin Weathered Peeling Off Decline Civilization Interior Shipwreck Destruction Rusty Broken Archaeology Worn Out Historic Discarded Obsolete Peeled
Tree Greenhouse Sky Pollen Flower Head Blooming Growing Potted Plant Pavilion Bonsai Tree Succulent Plant Stamen Plant Houseplant Spiked Prickly Pear Cactus Flower Pot Fragility Cactus Aloe Vera Plant Window Sill Window Box Single Flower Dahlia Barrel Cactus Pot In Bloom Petal Plant Life
Close-up Acrylic Painting Watercolor Paints Painted Image Watercolor Painting Painter - Artist Paintings Paintings Modern Art Fine Art Painting Artist's Canvas Mural Oil Painting Paintbrush Palette Brush Stroke Fresco Fresco Street Art Oil Paint
Window Business Finance And Industry Architecture Amphitheater Ancient Civilization Architectural Feature Archaeology Historic Ancient Egyptian Culture Metal Grate Visiting Civilization Ancient History Old Ruin Ancient Architectural Design Architectural Detail Egyptian Culture Stupa Ruined
Girder Bridge - Man Made Structure Underneath Under Architectural Column Architecture Built Structure Rail Transportation Incomplete Railway Station Platform Covered Bridge Roof Beam Railroad Tie Shunting Yard Construction Railway Bridge Railway Station Railway Track Freight Train Scaffolding Passenger Train Railroad Track Suspension Bridge Train Track Crane Train
Golf Club Architecture Keyhole Padlock Building Closed Office Building Historic Chainlink Fence Lighthouse Barbed Wire Metal Grate Hope Settlement Fire Hydrant Doorknob Lock Exterior Door Residential Structure Door Knocker Mail Slot Locked Love Lock Shutter
Door Abandoned Close-up Architecture Built Structure Building Exterior Green Color Weathered Closed Door Peeling Off Bad Condition Deterioration Civilization Door Handle Worn Out Damaged Peeled Ruined Obsolete Broken Latch Front Door
Tree Water Shadow Sky Growing Agricultural Field Sprinkler Fence Young Plant Watering Stalk Mushroom Chainlink Toadstool Topiary Ivy Chainlink Fence Garden Hose Watering Can Spraying Irrigation Equipment Growth Hose Razor Wire Fungus Barbed Wire Plough Fountain Creeper Plant
Sky Architecture Building Exterior Residential Structure Settlement Exterior Tree Waterfront Building Fountain Streaming Coconut Palm Tree Canal Branch Office Building Woods Growing Tree Trunk Historic Bark Treelined Cloud - Sky Palm Tree
Architecture Built Structure Building Exterior Entryway Door Knocker Closed Door Door Handle Front Door Entry Doorknob Doorway Arched Open Door Entrance Mail Slot Doormat Lock Latch Closed Ajar Locked Door Keyhole
Tree Window Sky Architecture Entryway Shadow Office Building Slam Dunk Focus On Shadow Net - Sports Equipment Gate Entrance
hubo un tiempo en el que un maestro ejercía su profesión .... Abandono Educación Clase Aula Escuela De Educación Primaria Architecture Built Structure
Aula Clase Educación Escuela Deterioro Ruina Rubble Domestic Room Destruction Abandoned Window Damaged Old Ruin Home Interior Run-down Architecture Deterioration Ruined Obsolete Interior Discarded Rusty
Aula Pizarra Maestros Escuela Tiza Frame Old-fashioned Rusty Wood - Material Retro Styled Close-up Architecture Abandoned Obsolete Ruined Deterioration Old Ruin
Aula Clase Abandono Pizarra Tiza Educación Escuela Maestra Close-up Architecture Deterioration Obsolete Abandoned Ruined Interior Rusty Scratched Old Ruin
Tree Flower Tree Trunk Close-up Sky Plant Butterfly - Insect Dead Plant Wilted Plant Dried Plant Plant Bark Symbiotic Relationship Animal Wing Moth Cocoon Dead Tree Tree Stump Insect Animal Antenna Dragonfly Dry Fallen Tree Pollination Thistle Caterpillar Dried
Las escuelas School Tree Sky Architecture Building Exterior Barbed Wire Rainy Season Grave Clothesline Extreme Weather Razor Wire Cemetery Barricade Rainfall RainDrop Monsoon Tombstone Gate
Tree Sky Architecture Built Structure Building Exterior Scenics Silhouette Streaming Lifeguard Hut Idyllic Shore Cloud - Sky Tranquil Scene Outline Shining Non-urban Scene Horizon Over Water Beauty In Nature Calm Orange Color Tranquility Sky Only Sun Remote Sunset
Tree Architecture Building Exterior Sky Tree Trunk Monsoon Rainy Season Foggy Bark Woods Branch Residential Structure Plant Bark RainDrop Rain Drop Fallen Tree Wet Palm Frond Growing Umbrella Building Flower Tree Rainfall Human Settlement Bare Tree Puddle Growth
Tree Sky Cloud - Sky Architecture Plant Life Whitewashed Petal Orthodox Church In Bloom Blooming Growing Residential Structure Bell Tower - Tower Stamen Cosmos Flower Growth Flower Head Dahlia Apple Blossom Botany Pollen Gate Blossom Ivy
Tree Branch Leaf Sunlight Green Color Sky Plant Prickly Pear Cactus Leaf Vein Rocky Mountains Arid Landscape Physical Geography Spiked Thorn Succulent Plant Saguaro Cactus Cactus Canyon Photosynthesis Natural Landmark Barrel Cactus Eroded Arid Climate Sharp
Tree Water Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Rail Transportation Diminishing Perspective
Tree Sky Architecture Built Structure Building Exterior Pollen Growing In Bloom Toadstool Petal Blossom Cherry Blossom Magnolia Growth Blooming Plant Life Young Plant Botany Stamen Apple Blossom Fungus Cosmos Flower Fragility Bud Flower Head
Water Window Architecture Rainy Season RainDrop Exterior Residential Structure Rainfall Umbrella Rain Building Drop Dew Windshield Monsoon Wet Office Building Human Settlement Residential Building Settlement Puddle Residential District Transparent
Water Sea Beach Sand Sky Horizon Over Water Cloud - Sky Beach Hut Coastline Calm Seascape Ocean Hut Thatched Roof Sandy Beach Rocky Coastline Stilt Beach Umbrella Wave Crashing Stilt House Coast Shore Parasol Tide Sun Lounger Rushing Bay Low Tide Coastal Feature
Water Tree Shadow Beach Sky Pixelated Tranquil Scene Tranquility Rocky Mountains Cursor Horizon Over Water Shore Mother Board Arid Landscape Non-urban Scene Artificial Intelligence Rock Formation Coast Remote Countryside Scenics Seascape Driftwood Sandy Beach Calm Sand Sand Dune Idyllic
Tree Multi Colored Window Architecture Building Exterior Close-up Built Structure Plant Life Flower Head Potted Plant Growing Pollen Blooming Stem Houseplant Succulent Plant Fungus Cactus Bonsai Tree Young Plant Petal Flower Pot Drapes
Tree City Hanging Sky Architecture Road Marking Road Moving Empty Road Yellow Line Double Yellow Line Land Vehicle Side-view Mirror Mountain Road Dividing Line Parking Zebra Crossing The Way Forward vanishing point Bicycle Lane Vehicle Roadways Country Road Diminishing Perspective Asphalt White Line Crash Barrier Stationary Crosswalk Motor Scooter
Business Finance And Industry Table Variation Stack Choice Close-up For Sale Retail Display Market Stall Farmer Market Price Tag Display Shop Stall Mannequin
Calles De Valencia Paper City Clothing Business Finance And Industry Fashion Occupation Tailor For Sale Shop Flea Market
Shadow Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Close-up Decorative Art Historic Bas Relief
Coathanger Multi Colored Store Market Retail  Choice Textile Hanging Variation Clothing Department Store Cloth Fishing Net Commercial Fishing Net Clothes Rack Boutique Retail Display Perfume Counter Shoe Store Fishing Industry Bridal Shop Window Shopping Fabric Coat Hook Clothes Buoy Fisherman
Close-up Food And Drink Commercial Fishing Net Toadstool Fishing Industry Fishing Equipment Fly Agaric Mushroom Plant Bulb Mushroom Fly Agaric Edible Mushroom Fishing Boat Fisherman Trawler Fishing Tackle Wild Catch Of Fish Fish Market Fishing Net Fishing Rod Fishing Hook Fungus Buoy Dried Fish  Growing Fishing
Multi Colored Street Art Full Frame Window Graffiti Backgrounds Architecture Close-up Building Exterior Built Structure Peeling Off ArtWork Spray Paint Wall Non-western Script Paint Drawing Vandalism Weathered Deterioration Aerosol Can Scribble Painted Representation Worn Out Closed Door Wall Lamp Entryway Western Script Peeled
Mercado Rojas Clemente Barriosdevalencia City Multi Colored Clear Sky Arts Culture And Entertainment Amusement Park Sky Street Art Amusement Park Ride Advertisement Traveling Carnival Chain Swing Ride Spray Paint Commercial Sign Aerosol Can Carousel Horses Merry-go-round Vandalism Ferris Wheel Store Sign Coney Island Poster
Mercado Rojas Clemente Mercado Multi Colored Ghetto Street Art Graffiti Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Western Script Vandalism Capital Letter Art And Craft Board Written Spray Paint No Parking Sign Signboard Information Sign Warning Stop Sign Do Not Enter Sign Arrow Sign Road Sign Directional Sign Single Word
Human Hand Close-up Architecture Amusement Park Ride Vandalism Chain Swing Ride Traveling Carnival Amusement Park Carousel Horses Merry-go-round Fairground Ride Coney Island Fairground Oktoberfest Rollercoaster Record Player Needle Street Art Ferris Wheel Big Wheel Carousel Graffiti
Close-up Residential Structure Historic Exterior Metal Grate Building Exterior Architecture Door Knocker Wooden Gutter Built Structure Office Block Sewer Sewage Residential District TOWNSCAPE Residential Building Housing Settlement Tower Building Office Building
Water Tree Statue Fountain Sky Architecture Drinking Fountain Human Representation Male Likeness Female Likeness Pedestrian Sign Idol Jesus Christ Figurine  Buddha Flaming Torch Wedding Cake Figurine Snowman Ganesha Soldier Mannequin