Ana Ndongo

Ana Ndongo
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Buildings against sky in city
High angle view of shoes on footpath
Man sleeping on floor at home
Dog sitting on floor at home
View of desert against cloudy sky
Boats moored at harbor against sky in city
Close-up of floral pattern
Footpath in forest
Moss growing on tree trunk
Close-up of food in plate on table
Extreme close up of a glass
View of industrial building
Illuminated building at night
Scenic view of beach against sky
View of buildings against the sky
Close-up of food in container
Low angle view of industrial building
View of landscape against sky
Empty road along buildings
Driftwood on beach
Pier on sea
Close-up of tree
Empty wooden chairs in empty room
Plants against sky in city
Information sign on wall
High angle view of beach
High angle shot of cityscape
Industrial building against clear sky
Empty bench in park
Close up of keys
Graffiti on entrance of building
Full frame shot of window
People walking on street
Bare trees with buildings in background
Traffic on city street
Columns in building
Low angle view of building
High angle view of residential buildings
Buildings in city
Scenic view of mountain against cloudy sky
Stack of tree on mountain against sky
Scenic view of sea against clear sky
Cars parked on road
Horse on snow field during winter
Low angle view of tower against blue sky
View of built structure
View of suspension bridge
View of building through window
Close-up of empty seat against trees
Padlocks hanging on bridge
Boats moored at harbor
Lighthouse by sea against sky
Plants on field against cloudy sky
Low angle view of old ruin building
Low angle view of cathedral against sky in city
Footpath leading to building
Scenic view of calm sea
Interior of bridge
Bridge over river with buildings in background
City at waterfront against cloudy sky
Castle on hill
Road leading towards mountain against sky
House on field against sky
Grass growing on field
Scenic view of mountains against sky
Built structure on field against sky
Scenic view of mountains against sky
Illuminated lamp
Scenic view of mountain against cloudy sky
Interior of abandoned house
Empty chairs and tables
Close-up of red wall
Abandoned building
View of wall
Information sign on grass against sky
Interior of abandoned house
Close-up of objects
Museum at night
Trees in park
Scenic view of river against clear sky
View of building exterior
View of cityscape with waterfront
High angle view of building
City against sky
Scenic view of sea against cloudy sky
Abandoned boat against trees
View of rocky mountains against cloudy sky
Bicycles on tree in forest against sky
Plants growing on field
Tractor on field at sunset
Close-up of cracked wall
View of river with buildings in background
High angle view of landscape against sky
Close-up of breakfast served on table
Cobblestone street amidst buildings in city
View of city against sky
View of boats in calm sea
Cars parked in parking lot
Close-up of water drops on table
Close-up of spider web