Amit Manna


travelling lover🛣️Try to click photo wid my devising mind.
it's doesn't
Sunset Railroad
taking moon its
Holi Colour
love can happen
Tree Flower
Drops Of Water
the light of
Edited My Way
sometimes this
the best way to
nature seed
on the
many people say
Flower Head
an image
u need pinch of
personally I
It's all about
I don't need
As much as
These destine
it's sometimes
Do not swear by
World is full
Stop every now
The silence of
Sometime be
C the 🗺 by the
Relish the
In Ur life u
If u resistive
With my 📸 I
wE doN't knOw
🌲🌱🌴🌳 arE
Be. Ready.
A glimmer of

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