American Android

Documenting daily life with my Samsung mobile phone. Keeping it Real, Always Authentic, Sometimes Quirky, Lots of Fun. LGBTQ family in Ogden, Utah
American Android
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Portrait of dog in bathroom
High angle view of person holding food on table
Toys on bed at home
Empty chairs and table in cafe
High angle view of man sleeping on bed at home
Close-up of vintage car on street
Close-up portrait of boy
Low angle view of building against clear blue sky
Low angle view of sunlight streaming through tree
Tree on field against clear blue sky
Portrait of smiling man wearing sunglasses
Close-up of hand holding pink flowering plant
Portrait of boy sitting in car
Close-up of human hand
Text on glass window at night
High angle view of illuminated text on red wall
High angle view of hand holding text
Portrait of teenage girl looking through window
Portrait of smiling woman in store
Full length of man and woman with cat
Portrait of a happy friends
Low angle view of child in playground against sky
Low section of woman sitting in bus
Midsection of woman standing against wall at home
Close-up of woman hand holding pink bottle
Low section of person standing by purple flowering plants
Cat sitting on floor at home
Portrait of man sitting in car
Portrait of smiling woman in car
Close-up of dog looking away
Close-up portrait of woman wearing eyeglasses at home
Portrait of boy sleeping on bed at home
Close-up of hand holding plant
Full length of man holding ice cream
Close-up of ice cream on table
High angle view of chopped bread in container
Close-up of rose on table against sea
Portrait of young man wearing eyeglasses at home
Full frame shot of closed wooden door
Full length of woman with flowers
Close-up of hand holding ice cream cone in car
Young woman using mobile phone while sitting in bus
Woman sitting in airplane
Young woman sitting in train
Close-up portrait of young woman
High angle view of woman sitting in airplane
Close-up of hand holding painting against wall
Portrait of young man standing against graffiti wall
Close up of blue object
Close-up of man wearing eyeglasses
Portrait of smiling young woman in swimming pool
Portrait of baby
Close-up of cute baby sleeping on bed
Illuminated christmas tree at night
Car on road during winter at night
Portrait of smiling young woman in car
Young woman sitting in car
Portrait of mid adult man standing against sky
Close-up of hand holding salad in bowl
Close-up of hand holding paper
High angle view of christmas tree
Bare trees against clear sky during winter
Close-up portrait of dog
Midsection of woman
Portrait of smiling girl standing against the wall
Portrait of man holding dog
High angle view of food in plate on table
Close-up portrait of beautiful young woman against black background
Portrait of young woman
Close-up of man holding hand
Portrait of man holding camera
Boy playing on table
Midsection of woman holding ice cream
Portrait of young woman standing against illuminated wall
Portrait of smiling girl sitting on sofa at home
Close-up of hand holding paper against white background
Happy young woman sitting at home
Portrait of happy young couple
Close-up portrait of man holding eyeglasses
Close-up of hand holding mobile phone over black background
Close-up portrait of young woman
Close-up portrait of a young woman
Close-up portrait of man
Close-up of hand holding snow over white background
Boy on snow covered landscape
Portrait of beautiful young woman
Close-up of girl at home
High angle view of girl eating food at home
Close-up portrait of girl
Rear view of man
Rear view of senior woman
Rear view of boy
Close-up of mother with baby
Young couple kissing at home
Close-up of happy couple
Beautiful young woman
Close-up of baby sleeping
Close-up portrait of cute baby
Rear view of girl standing against door
Low angle view of apple blossoms in spring against sky