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Hi! That's Me Enjoying Life Taking Photos Simplybeingalice Selfie ✌ Makeup Fun
Simplybeingalice Nerdy Enjoying Life Black And White
Simplybeingalice Selfie ✌ Tgif
Creative Light And Shadow Simplybeingalice Selfie ✌
Mischievous Simplybeingalice
Being Cultured Getting Inspired Music Snacks Water Simplybeingalice Having Fun Ipsy Urban Lifestyle
Happy Birthday to my Partnerincrime Eatingbuddy and lil cousin hope you have a great day and may god bless you with many more! Don't get too crazy! 😉❤👑🎁🎂🎈🎉🎆 wcw @lauraa_gutierrez
Simplybeingalice GodIsGood
Simplybeingalice Boo Selfie
Simplybeingalice Hi! That's Me Selfie Lipstick Free Spirit
Simplybeingalice 😙
Yay Polisci Simplybeingalice not an A but not a C or less (:
We ain't about that Early Life lol Simplybeingalice Siblings my munchkin lilbro
Lunch spent Studying for Tomorrows Final in polisci
Simplybeingalice Mysterious is my Middle Name ... not really it's actually marie... at least they start with the same letter lol
Busy Sunday Simplybeingalice
Simplybeingalice Bored need some Fun in my Life right now. I need to be spontaneous 👑💄😎
HotDog with Bacon and Bellpeppers and Onions and all because daddy's princess wanted LAstyle hotdogs lol
Bored CantSleep Simplybeingalice Selfies stressed school tomorrow project due
Twas a Good Day Simplybeingalice , got an A on the written part of my midterm (:
Simplybeingalice Siblings Lilbro Minion
Simplybeingalice Selfie Ready for Today russianredlipstick xoxo
So um yeah this Happens when I can't Fall Asleep Simplybeingalice art surrealism art dragon eye ocea
Sunflower Sprout Simplybeingalice
Happy Birthday Minion  can't believe you're 15! Hope you enjoy your day at home haha see you when I get home!
Some of my Favorite Sea Creatures Simplybeingalice I really want a salt water tank
Simplybeingalice Quote True
Watching the Game with my Dad and some Hard cider
Foodforthought Simplybeingalice
LockIn was Awesome finally Time to catch up on my Sleep simplybeingalice neonshirt godisgood allthetime! 💛😴
LockIn 2015  CSUF
LockIn 2015  CSUF
Boo Simplybeingalice
Simplybeingalice Ss Selfie Goodnight
Simplybeingalice Loving Life
What lies behind the eyes is a mystery of the soul.
Goodmorning SoCal Time for Polisci simplybeingalice getting my learning on 👍😎
Happy Fourth Of July Simplybeingalice
My Mom , Lol she's in the Kitchen and I'm in the Living Room , the stuff we do when we are bored 😂 simplybeingalice
Simplybeingalice Quotes to Live By
Simplybeingalice Billofrights Studying Best  way to honor fourthofjuly guns and coffee
Simplybeingalice Summer
Happy Birthday Josh 🎂🎁
Morely Art Griffithobservatory Thelastbookstore naturalhistorymuseum californiasciencecenter losangeles culture knowledge family friends simplybeingalice
Ice Cream Simplybeingalice Yummy Sprinkles Colorful