Aiza Montemor


simple girl with great heart
Pray, church, Christian, salvation
Store, products, business
Saint, pray, church, Salvation
Church, pray, Saint , salvation
Christ, church, feast, Christian
Church, pray, mother
Light, sun, sunset, girl, nature, mountain
Sunset, nature, plants
Fog, mountain
Candle, light, darkness
A lady
Feel free!
When the sky meets the ocean
Chill a little bit. .
Discover things and broaden horizons..
Candle lighting 👆
Framing a moment...
Ten thousand roses 🌹
I'll build a castle for you 👑
Flowers for you 💞
You can stand under my umbrella ☔
Happiness matters 😘
Movers of the future 👊
Shadows behind the setting sun. .
Paris 😍
EyeEm Selectslippies 💋
Playful times 🤘
Enjoying summer 😊
My beautiful surrender
My stronger self First Eyeem Photo