Michael Knight


Forever 12
Das Stadtpark Faultier. Sloth Hanging Out Quality Time
NYE2014 Happy New Year Happy New Year! Elbdisharmonie Elbphilharmonie Hafencity Elbe Monochrome Modern Architecture Water Reflections
Speicherstadt Taking Photos Enjoying The Sun Water Reflections Quality Time Monochrome Hi!
What a Beautiful day. Still behaving like Tourists. waiting for the Ferry. Habour View Habourcity Water_collection Water Reflections Lens Flare Enjoying The Sun Taking Photos
Behaving like Tourists. Public Transportation in Hamburg is so Awesome. Monochrome Subway Having Fun Quality Time Taking Photos
miss u already Amsterdam... Plane Boarding Waiting Trip Monochrome
Somewhere in Amsterdam. Taking Photos Walking Around Water Reflections Golden Hour Medieval Architecture Amsterdamse Grachten
A look at Amsterdam from the Eye. I Love Amsterdam Modern Architecture Taking Photos Exhibition Water Reflections
Taking Photos Hello World Enjoying Life Monochrome Water Reflections
Monochrome Enjoying The Sun Hello World Today's Hot Look Night At The Museum Getting Inspired Being A Beach Bum
unModern Architecture. City Nord A Most Wanted Man Monochrome
... Brooklyn! Taking Pictures Monochrome Hanging Out Waiting
Taking The Ferry and passing the Elbdisharmonie! :D Monochrome Architecture Modern Architecture
long time no see. I saw an awesome Bike. Bikeporn St. Pauli Hanging Out
So this is how it looks when it's empty! FCSP Relaxing St. Pauli Hello World
Here's a riddle for you. Find the queen bee! Bees Riddle Hi! Relaxing
The crown of St. Pauli. Relaxing Hanging Out Enjoying The Sun Hello World
St. Pauli vs. Greuter Fürth! It was awesome. Hanging Out Hello World Monochrome Soccer
heavy rotation on every channel. Kemuri & OP taking over rewind![<<] radio @ Radio FSK. The mix is uploaded @ https://soundcloud.com/opi/rewind-radio-show-b2b Taking Pictures Wheels Of Steel Monochrome Hello World
Hupe, Kemuri & OP taking this space shuttle where no human being has ever been before! We hope you enjoy this session as much as we did while recording. Thanks to Hupe, the rewind![<<] radio crew  and Radio FSK for having us. Feel free to check out the whole 4 hours of our adventurous journey into deep space @ http://i.mixcloud.com/CGpRnB Thx for tuning in, you're awesome! Relaxing Dubstep Jungle Hanging Out
Finally, it's winter! The Oak Tree in the back is more than 350 years old and it lives right next to the beautiful Achterwasser. Monochrome Hugging A Tree Hello World
Very misty day at the beach. Monochrome Don Filter Being A Beach Bum Hugging A Tree
This is the Habour of Peenemünde where the V1 and V2 Rockets were sectretly build and tested by the Nazis. I'm very glad and thankful that this place became peaceful again. Though we should never forget the sad History of this beautiful place. Monochrome
The Sea is angry! Monochrome Walking Around Hugging A Tree
Wintertime Grey In Grey Monochrome Walking Around
These two seem pretty relaxed. Waiting for the sun! Being A Beach Bum Walking Around Sea
Paste Up Hallo Karlo! | Obama is an oreo cookie! Liar Liar Pants On Fire
Hugging A Tree Paste Up Pin Up Girl
Walking Around in Winterhude. Relaxing Golden Hour Water Reflections
Taking Photos at the Karoviertel. Mickey's head shot. Peng! Stencil Art Monochrome Streetart
Walking Around in the Karoviertel/Gefahrengebiet! Streetart Monochrome Monochromeart
Light And Shadow Bridges Architecture. Went for a walk in the Speicherstadt/Hafencity yesterday.
Sunset in nowhere. don't forget your Roots! Clouds Golden Hour
Merry Christmas!
Monochrome Architecture
Modern Architecture Bridges
Bridge by Night! Taking Photos Driving Home
Bridge by Night! Architecture Drive By Shooting
Too bad that eyeem downsizes these Panorama pictures so heavily. Hello World Taking Photos Morning
Alster this morning! Taking Pictures Hello World Light And Shadow Panorama
Public Transportation. In an empty Subway Train Light And Shadow.
Tall Bike Bikeporn Light And Shadow Critical Mass
Selfportrait That's Me Monochrome Light And Shadow
On Uwe Seeler's seat. He didn't make it. :D RetirementHome
Public Transportation Driving Home Monochrome Stairs
Trave in Lübeck. Filippa K Asks: What Inspires You?
kemuri on the Wheels Of Steel! Dubstep Monochrome Black And White.
Concrete Pressure Soundsystem tonight @ Treibsand! Dubstep with Echo Rebel and me. Monochrome
beautiful Paste Up by Jr in Friedrichshain! Berlin, du bist immer wieder so schön bunt. btw Fuck Off Mediaspree! Streetart
Very detailed stencil by .fra! Still not loving Mitte though! ;) Streetart Stencil Stencil Art .fra