3,966 Unique Pictures of Basket

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Person holding orange basket while giving paper currency from other hand

Female sales clerk talking with customer at checkout counter in deli

High angle view of woman putting rice cake in cone

High angle view of birds and broken eggs in basket

Portrait of woman selling fruit outdoors

High angle view of man lying on court by basketball hoop shadow

Rear view of boy playing with toys in living room at home

Shirtless senior man making wicker basket while sitting at farm

Rear view of girl holding basket on field

Male hands photographing with smart phome

Full length of multi-ethnic farmers with organic vegetables standing against barn

Dog standing on basket against window at home

Close-up of hands holding a basket

Midsection of male farmer harvesting grapes at vineyard

Midsection of man heaving meal at table

Low section of man and woman making rice cakes in cone

Midsection of woman holding leaves on table

Cropped image of woman playing with cat in basket

Rear view of woman standing against bright sun

Indigenous community celebrating thread ceremony

Full frame shot of people selling fruits and vegetables on boats in river

Man making wicker basket while girl studying

People with drinks on table

High angle view of oranges in basket on table

Woman holding basket by pond at forest

Cushions on bed at home

Cropped image of hand holding wicker basket with lemons

Shirtless senior man making wicker basket while sitting at farm

Midsection of woman breaking nutshells while sitting on floor

Couple standing on mountain against sky

Woman showing plants to man while working in farm

Full length of shirtless boy standing in river against waterfall

Portrait of smiling woman amidst sunflower field

Low section of person holding gooseberries on grassy field

Cropped image of hands holding longans in basket

Pregnant woman hanging baby clothes on clothesline

Cropped hand of child holding wicker basket

Midsection of woman cutting pine needles at home

Boy and senior man removing chicken bird from wicker basket on field

Shirtless brothers fishing in river at forest

Rear view of women carrying baskets while walking on dirt road

Smiling grandmother and grandson sitting with baskets in river

Midsection of person holding egg in wicker basket by hen at farm

Portrait of man standing against trees

Midsection of girl holding wicker basket with apples

High angle view of woman holding mobile phone

Scenic view of snowcapped mountains against sky

Cropped hands of woman placing apples in container on grassy field

Rear view of women carrying baskets in building

Couple sitting on picnic blanket in park

Baked food on table with women in background

Close-up of wicker baskets for sale at street market during night

High angle view of avocados in basket on table

High angle view of woman harvesting berries in farm

Food for sale on table in store

Full frame shot of straw basket

Close-up of patterned whicker baskets

High angle view of hand holding cherries in basket

Vietnamese figs in basket

Side view of boy throwing water on man in basket at river

Man sailing boat with birds in river against mountains

High angle view of seafood in basket

Full frame shot of wicker basket

Midsection of woman standing by bicycle and flowers in city

Rear view of women carrying firewood in basket on road

Midsection of woman holding ice cream

Low angle view of food in whicker basket hanging from ceiling

High angle view of people preparing rice cake

Midsection of man holding thread while sitting on floor

Low section of woman holding wicker basket with apples on grassy field

Rear view of women with wicker baskets on field by mountain

Close-up of potatoes in a basket

Women with baskets walking on road amidst trees

Children playing in river at forest

Close-up of female hand touching flowers

Whicker basket at tea plantation

Midsection of man collecting blackberries in basket

Woman carrying basket sitting on railing against sky

Close-up of tomatoes

Dog in basket on grass

Midsection of man holding ice cream

Portrait of happy father and son sitting while fruits in basket at park

Shirtless man weaving wicker basket against trees

Woman walking on dirt road amidst trees

Girl painting on paper at table

Full length of couple standing on land

Silhouette man standing with horse on field against sky during sunset

Cropped man selling vegetables

Low section of man with smoked fish for sale at market

Rear view of woman carrying basket

Low section of woman walking with cherries in basket on footpath

Portrait of smiling pregnant woman picking apples on field

Cute boy holding bowl of strawberries while standing on agricultural field

Smiling woman with wicker basket standing amidst tea crops on farm

Father and son holding laundry at home

High angle view of person walking on terraced field

Midsection of person holding fruits

Full length of sisters with fishing net in river at forest

Close-up of young woman

Cropped hand holding apple in orchard