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Visual Decadence

Sense of Self

Mindful Travel

AI Is the New Normal

Portrait of a woman sitting at a table with cake on her face and a cake on the table in front of her stock photograph by Jumo Avilés EyeEm


As social, economic and political contexts become more complex, visuals are beginning to tell deeper narratives. This photography trend takes familiar settings or situations, and elevates them through use of classic art techniques and cinematic perspectives. See the full gallery by downloading our free report.

Woman smiling with visable body hair representing gender neutral stock photograph by Sol Vázquez EyeEm

Sense of Self

This is not a creative trend, this is a social movement. A broader spectrum of identities is emerging within editorial, social and branded content. We should be using diverse content with integrity and conviction – because the world is diverse. Learn more about the importance of inclusivity in your visual communication by downloading our free report.

Man underwater grabbing a plastic bag cleaning the ocean of plastic pollution stock photograph by Ahmed Areef EyeEm

Mindful Travel

Travelers continue to change the way they approach their vacations, and images should reflect that. Visuals focus on purposeful travel stories that establish a sense of opportunity, discovery, and responsibility. Get our free report to find out how travelers’ behaviors are changing and how this will affect your next brand marketing campaign.

Studio photograph of man with light projection of red text on his back stock photograph by Alina Potapenko EyeEm

AI Is the New Normal

Rapid developments in technology have normalized the intimate role that AI plays in the consumers' everyday decision making. Rather than content highlighting how humans are using technology, we are seeing imagery that shows the fluidity between them. Download our 2019 trend report to read how the new era of technology is influencing visual content.

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