Visual Trends Report 2023



Messages of hope, unity and inclusivity are more important than ever. It’s not enough for you to tell your customers that you’re doing your best, you have to prove it. The few seconds it takes someone to make a first impression could result in a lost customer who doesn’t quite believe your story. Ensure your values are visible with these essential collections.

Sustainability Through Space

Space exploration is a divisive subject, and one that perfectly aligns with the dual realities we’re seeing emerge in 2022. Astronauts and scientists are heading into space to make discoveries about the earth. While seemingly an expensive hobby enjoyed by billionaires, space exploration is actually the key to discovering alternate resources and fuels, and to give us a clearer vision of what’s happening on our home planet. 


Despite the global fights for progress in equality and justice for all, fair representation still isn’t where it should be - and that includes within photography. There’s a huge content gap where genuine, real photography is lacking, and it’s essential that visual materials represent the diversity of the world they’re trying to attract. These EyeEm materials are just as diverse as your audiences.

Localized Perspectives

Human stories are culturally-specific and multifaceted, with the power to forge real connections when told from unique points of view. Truly inclusive representation sensitively portrays – and actively involves – local communities with individual perspectives, and that’s exactly what you can get with these image curations. When imagery is created by those telling the stories, the results are more than powerful.


We’re experiencing the merging of real and virtual worlds to create new realities. Some call it Web 3.0, while others call it the metaverse. Meta is about transcendence, and it translates into ‘beyond’ or ‘after’ in Greek. We are reimagining the way we exist, trade, play, and live our daily lives. Stay on the edge of the trend with these breathtaking images.

Color of the Year

The color purple exceeds our ‘normal’ realities and moves into something almost unnatural and otherworldly. When you take the different shades and saturations into account, the color can change drastically from hot to cold. As we venture into new realities and territories - both virtual and physical - there could not be a color more apt than purple to highlight the blending of worlds, merging of minds.


As we further embed technology into our lives, the ability to escape into alternative worlds is becoming more accessible for us all. What do we want from these otherworldly adventures? Why are we so fascinated by the idea of something “other” than ourselves and our everyday reality? It’s here that science, art and culture are coming together to shape our perspectives, ideas, and different worlds.

Artificial Nature

The acceptance – and embracing – of artificial landscapes is on the rise, with the likes of video games and virtual reality (VR) bringing hyper-realistic, perfect-looking renditions of nature into the virtual world. Artificial nature meets the ever-growing appetite for instant stimulation and immersive sensory experiences, too – and while it doesn’t replace actual nature, it certainly adds an extra dimension.