Welcome to Our New Blog!

By Severin - 4 min read

Notice anything different? Check out the story behind our brand new blog redesign!

Welcome to the new EyeEm blog – the place where we share the amazing things that you, the EyeEm community, are creating. With a new canvas to highlight the best of photography, a design that puts images at the forefront and a truly optimized experience for your mobile device, we’re incredibly thrilled to give your stories a new home.

Thenew featuresinclude:

– Bigger, better and brighter photos
– Improved menu & new categories
– Light speed performance! Faster loading, better reading, more fun
– Optimized for mobile viewing. Works seamlessly on your desktop, laptop, phone and tablet.
– Extra large header photo & intro give you an immediate overview of each article
– Twitter, Facebook and Google+ sharing buttons for each article

The 4 categories – Community, Features, Missions and Tutorials – give you a perfect overview of what’s going on in the EyeEm universe. Curious what they entail? Just click on them in the menu above and start exploring!

And here’s how it all came about:

We knew it was about time for a redesign, so last Saturday, a team of designers, engineers and community managers got together to give the blog a facelift.

The team: Markus, Matias, Kirsty, Alex, Ramzi, Cat, Maddie, Gen, Frank & Severin

The mission: Redesign the EyeEm blog from scratch to make it faster, more photo-centric and perfectly adapted to your mobile device.

The album: EyeEm Blog Redesign Day

Morning kickoff: Matias shows the first sketches to Gen, Cat and Maddie

Markus brought fruit to keep us healthy and energized all day long!

Matias, Markus and Kirsty from the product team looking at the first design drafts.

Alex, one of our fantastic designers, working hard on the new design.

Kirsty, Matias and Maddie making sure everything looks FANTASTIC!

Frank, Head of Design, had a long night and forgot to take off a post-it from his head.

During the designing and coding part of the day, Severin (that’s me) fixed a bike.

Ramzi, our CTO, made sure that the code behind the new design works seamlessly. He’s the one who pushed the final button to make the blog go live today.

Cat and Maddie from the community team and Gen, our Creative Director, closely analyze the first version of the new blog.

Matias and Markus working into the afternoon. A camera is never far in the EyeEm office.

Frank works on the design for individual articles…

While Phil, our design intern, focuses on the blog overview page.

Markus, Matias and Frank going through the final details before we launch…

And boom! There we are. The new blog is here, and it’s fast, shiny and ready to be devoured.We will continue making improvements, so your photos remain the highlight of everything we do.

How do you like it? Tweet us @EyeEm. We’d love to hear your feedback!

In case you want to be part of the next project: we’re hiring.