We Ask 10 Photographers: What’s in Your Travel Camera Bag?

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We ask 10 photographers experienced in traveling!

With the summer months rolling in, photographers will be taking off on vacation to explore new places with cameras in hand. You can’t wait to shoot some of your own and see what everyone else will be sharing, too! You know exactly what camera gear to bring (or not bring) with you, but have you ever wondered what your favorite traveling EyeEm photographers take with them to get all those great shots? We asked 10! Read what they had to say:

Debbie Fortes

“From my recent travel to Armenia, I brought along Fuji XT1 and XF 16-55 mm lens (weatherproof ) with me. There was still snow and rain when I got to the mountains so having these gears helped me a lot in creating great photos without worrying that I’ll ruin the camera or the lens. I also brought my ever trusted iPhone.”

Rear view of person standing on snow covered field against mountains


“Depends, but I am still in love with film so I take my Pentax 67. I like old glass so I use the Pentax lenses on my D750. All my work on EyeEm is iPhone.”

Alyona Gamm

“When I travel I usually carry my Canon 6D + 50mm lens, iPhone and my pocket camera Sony RX100. But I am wishing to buy a GoPro for some surf videos and an analogue camera. So in the future I would travel only with iPhone, GoPro and a film camera with 2-3 films in my bag.”

Francesco Sambati

“You can’t miss the three things in my bag. The first is my iPhone 6 to take pictures when I have just a few seconds to capture the moment. The second is my Fuji X100t camera to get high quality pictures with a solid camera that is lightweight: for me, it’s the top for taking pictures while traveling. Finally, when conditions permit, you can not miss my Polaroid SX-70, because there are moments that can only be captured with the charm and atmosphere that only Polaroid can give.”

Scenic view of beach against cloudy sky

Victoria Nikitina

“It’s funny that you’ve asked. I have my travel bag right beside me, as I’m about to go on a trip! To answer your question: I like to travel light. That’s why I usually take just one camera with me. It’s a compact, but wonderful Fujifilm X100. My good old friend iPhone 6 is always with me too.

Once, on a trip from New York to San Francisco one of the airlines lost my hand luggage… It was supposed to be the most exciting part of the trip: we were planning to drive around all the national parks in the area. It’s hard to describe how upset I was, but I got by with a little help from my phone. Pictures that I took were still great, and I realised that, indeed, the best camera is the one that’s with you!”

High angle view of woman standing by stream at forest


“I always take as little as I possibly can. Currently, that means my Fuji X-T1 with 3 lenses, a 35mm 1.4 for portraits, a 10-24mm fixed F4, and an 18-35mm for anything I can’t get with my two fixed lenses + 3 batteries and a tiny Tenba BYOB insert – so I can put my camera basically into any bag I want – I love this thing!”

Taylor Davidson

“I optimize for traveling light when packing my camera bag for a holiday. I depend on my Olympus OMD-EM5 and a Panasonic 20mm lens as my go-to combination. The 20mm is the only lens I bring and the simplicity of the setup – along with my use of a wrist strap and not a neck strap – keeps the camera constantly in my hand and allows me to focus on my adventure and not the gear to shoot it.

I also use an iPhone 6s Plus with Moment Wide and Tele lenses to add additional composition choices for those situations where the Olympus isn’t with me or doesn’t make sense. I also pack an Outex for my Olympus if I’m going to be underwater a lot, and sometimes a small Joby Gorillapod, but overall, I focus on packing a small kit so I can go far without a lot of mental overhead about my gear.”

David Gutiérrez

“When I travel I always like to be prepared, so I take 3 different cameras: a Canon 5D Mark II (with 17-40mm objectives, 50mm and 35mm), a Fujifilm X-Pro1 with 18mm and 23mm and GoPro Hero4. In addition, batteries and always carry spare memory cards. I always have these cameras on me to be able to respond quickly to what I see. Even if weather conditions are adverse, I always opt for the Canon, which is stronger and better responsive.”

Rear view of people standing in front of rock formations

azu morales

“I like traveling light, the more comfortable the better, so I travel with a big purse where I put everything I need including my photo stuff: An iPhone 6 and a Nikon D7000 with a Nikkor 50mm 1.8D. For storage, I use two SD cards of 16GB, one battery for my Nikon and extra battery for my iPhone. Sometimes, I grab my mobile lens (one Fisheye, one Wide-Angle and one Macro), but I don’t use it often.”

Palm trees and giant fish statues

Benjamin Lee

“I like to keep my travel & camera kit as light as possible – only the bare essentials. Not only does that help me be lighter on my feet, it means I have less things to worry about breaking or losing. Having a minimal kit means I don’t think twice about bringing my camera with me everywhere I go.”

Man standing by waterfall


Macbook Pro (not pictured)
Wacom Intuos + Pen Photo Touch Tablet (not pictured)
iPhone 6s Plus
Apple Earphones (not pictured)
Canon 6D
Sigma 35mm f/1.4
Canon 50mm f/1.8
Yashica GSN Electro 35mm Film Camera loaded with Kodak Portra 400 film
Tap & Dye Leather Neck Strap
Manfrotto Tripod
Moment Lens (Wide 18mm Equivalent)
Gold LeCord Lightning Cable
Western Digital 2TB HD
Dark Energy External Battery
Higonokami Pocket Knife
Uniform Wares Watch
Oscar Wylee Glasses
Instagram Sharpie
Louis Vuitton Wallet
127 LED Light
Adidas NMD R1
Musto Shooting Jacket
Neff Beanie
Brooks England Messenger Bag

And there you have it! Thanks to all of the photographers who shared their contents of their camera bags. We can’t wait to the photos from your next adventure!

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