Linka A Odom mistress of light driven by wanderlust
Misty molecule man Berlin Cdv Architecture Nature Freshness Beauty In Nature Nature EyeEm Gallery Tranquil Scene Tranquility Waterfront Landscape_Collection Eye4photography  Growth
The tide pulls me back... Sunset Scenics Water Sea Beauty In Nature Tranquil Scene Tranquility Rippled Waterfront Idyllic Nature Cloud - Sky Sky Wave Remote Calm Seascape Majestic Non-urban Scene
In the mountains of Mae Hong Son, Thailand! Traveling Adventure Club Eye4photography  Thailand Southeastasia EyeEm Gallery Landscape Landscape_Collection Mountains Sunset Sunset_collection
Just had an exhibition last week in the city I grew up in, it was super fun, a lot of work...but totally worth it. This image was one of the most popular! Dark Palace - Mandalay, Burma. Feel The Journey Myanmar Textures And Surfaces Architecture Traveling EyeEm Gallery Shootermag Architecture_collection Eye4photography  Reflection Light And Shadow Fine Art Photography
In the city that inspired Spirited Away, with my brother & his lovely Lily! EyeEm Gallery Street Photography Adventure Time Eye4photography  Travel The Following People Streetphotography Portrait Taiwan Shootermag Enjoying Life Exploring Feel The Journey Original Experiences Jiufen On The Way Adventure Club
Light & Shadow in San Miguel Traveling Eyem Best Edits Eye4photography  Street Photography Textures And Surfaces Reflection EyeEm Gallery Travel Light And Shadow Architecture Architecture_collection Mexico
Frida & her third eye. I created this with my cameras multiple exposure feature. It's a large cut out of her & an antique carpet from a gallery in San Miguel. I love how much she is honored in Mexico. Currently en route to Mexico City. We're staying just down the street from Frida & Diego's old home in Coyoacán & feeling ready to explore the city!!! Travel Culture Check This Out Textures And Surfaces Art Portrait Double Exposure EyeEm Gallery Traveling Street Photography Eye4photography  Eyem Best Edits
Almost sunset in San Miguel Light And Shadow Textures And Surfaces Eye4photography  Street Photography Streetphotography Architecture EyeEm Gallery Traveling Check This Out Street People The Street Photographer - 2016 EyeEm Awards Culture Reflection Travel Check This Out The Following
Rainy night in Hanoi's Old Quarter The Street Photographer - 2016 EyeEm Awards Shootermag City Life Traveling Travel Vietnam Rainy Reflection Street 43 Golden Moments Feel The Journey
Louisiana State Pharmaceutical Association Streetphotography Street New Orleans Summer City Street Photography Enjoying Life City Life Eye4photography  EyeEm Gallery Cityscapes Architecture Shootermag NOLA The Street Photographer - 2016 EyeEm Awards
Porch chilling on a Saturday afternoon! Cityscapes City Life City Street Streetphotography Street Photography Enjoying Life Home Sweet Home New Orleans Eye4photography  EyeEm Gallery Light And Shadow Summer Summertime
Finally up for posting pics from my new home ~ New Orleans! I've been here a month now & been so busy getting the house settled that I wasn't out enjoying the city until this weekend. I had a long leisurely bike ride through the city & it was amazing. I'm so in love & feeling so lucky & blessed to have made this decision to move to this crazy fairytale of a town. Shifting into the present & happy to call myself a New Orleanian! Architecture Street Streetphotography New Orleans NOLA Eye4photography  Home Sweet Home Shootermag City Cityscapes Check This Out EyeEm Gallery
Envision The Future Sunrise Landscape_Collection Architecture Sun Traveling Light And Shadow Eye4photography Travel Clouds And Sky Landscape_photography FUJIFILM X-T1
Sometimes all you need is the sunrise & a burst of light! Traveling Travel Eye4photography  Landscape_Collection Landscape_photography Travel Photography Light And Shadow Clouds And Sky Cloud ASIA Sunrise The Adventure Handbook EyeEm Nature Lover
Up Close Street Photography boy in the market of Mawlaymine, Myanmar People Photography Streetphotography Boy ASIA Street Portraits Portrait FUJIFILM X-T1 Eye4photography  Traveling
Up Close Street Photography in the market of Mawlaymine, Myanmar! Portrait Portraits Street Streetphotography Boy ASIA People Photography
Oranges oranges oranges Telling Stories Differently Light And Shadow Fruit Travel Photography Travel Traveling Eye4photography  FUJIFILM X-T1 Street Streetphotography Orange Up Close Street Photography
Inside from the outside Showcase April Eye4photography  Adventures The Adventure Handbook ASIA Shootermag Light And Shadow Travel Photography Interior Interior Design Home Home Sweet Home Home Interior Telling Stories Differently
Blue Wave through the fog! Traveling Landscape Landscape_Collection Landscape_photography Travel Photography Shootermag ASIA Light And Shadow The Adventure Handbook Adventures Telling Stories Differently Showcase April
Sweetest boys chilling riverside in Burma! Portrait Kids Being Kids Kids Traveling Travel Smile FUJIFILM X-T1 Showcase April Happy :) Up Close Street Photography
Tropical light Adventures Traveling Light And Shadow Light Shootermag Check This Out Showcase April Travel Photography Myanmar Sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld ASIA The Adventure Handbook Landscape FUJIFILM X-T1 WOW Travel Eye4photography  EyeEm Nature Lover Landscape_Collection Landscape_photography
Today I was getting so frustrated about our broken political system here in the states & I needed something to take my mind off of it. So I spent way too much time ordering my 25 free prints from @artifactuprising & can't wait to get this big Burma collage up on my wall! Myanmar Travel Travel Photography Traveling Kids Kids Being Kids Cute Style Bike Check This Out ASIA Adventures The Adventure Handbook Shootermag Showcase April
Spotted In Thailand the incredible Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya! Travel Photography ASIA Thailand Amazing Temple WOW Eye4photography  Traveling Travel Symmetry Architecture Amazing View Check This Out FUJIFILM X-T1 Architectural Detail
On the edge of the world, even in the most brutal regimes & under the control of the harshest military systems, humans seek out the beauty in nature & redeem their hope. Burma is a great testament to this...I miss it so! WOW Myanmar Eye4photography  Landscape_photography Amazing View Check This Out Water Adventures FUJIFILM X-T1 Showcase March Water Reflections Learn & Shoot: Balancing Elements The Places I've Been Today Travel Photography ASIA Everything In Its Place Landscape_Collection EyeEm Nature Lover Blue Wave The Great Outdoors With Adobe
A Life Aquatic Learn & Shoot: Balancing Elements Water Water Reflections Eye4photography  Myanmar WOW EyeEm Best Shots FUJIFILM X-T1 Showcase March Check This Out Adventures EyeEm Best Edits Landscape_photography Amazing View The Places I've Been Today ASIA Travel Photography
Children pick hot chili peppers in the hills near Kalaw in Burma! The Photojournalist - 2016 EyeEm Awards AdventuresnThe Places I've Been TodayvLandscape_photographyLTelling Stories Differently Showcase March myanmar Everything In Its Place Adventures The Places I've Been Today landscape_photography Telling Stories Differently
Q for your step if you're afraid of heights! ASIA Traveling WOW The Adventure Handbook Amazing Amazing View Architecture EyeEm Best Shots Eye4photography  Travel Photography FUJIFILM X-T1 EyeEm Best Edits Architecture_collection Architectural Detail Monochrome Myanmar Burma The Architect - 2016 EyeEm Awards Fine Art Photography
On The Way Adventure Club
I am so happy to have arrived at my Moms house today in Austin, the path ahead just feels brighter now! Travel Photography The Adventure Handbook Path Hiking Adventures Landscape_Collection Showcase: February The Places I've Been Today FUJIFILM X-T1 Trail EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Nature Lover Eye4photography  EyeEm Best Edits 43 Golden Moments
This place does indeed exist, how wild it is! Travel Photography ASIA Landscape Landscape_Collection Showcase: February On The Road Myanmar Eye4photography  FUJIFILM X-T1 Traveling WOW The Adventure Handbook Pagoda Landscape_photography Feel The Journey Adventure Club
In spirit we trust! Somehow things beyond our control sometimes dictate our lives & yet it's all somehow a piece in the big picture we envision. Suddenly off to America to live again. Honoring the life of my grandmother Mary Anne whom just passed is first on my list! Travel Photography The Places I've Been Today Landscape_Collection Showcase: February ASIA Myanmar FUJIFILM X-T1 Eye4photography  On The Road Landscape Telling Stories Differently Feel The Journey
Happy Lunar New Year, welcome to the year of the red fire monkey, only every 60 years does this come around! Lunar New Year Moon Moonlight Night Night Lights Nightphotography Showcase: February Traveling The Places I've Been Today Eye4photography  Landscape_Collection Myanmar ASIA FUJIFILM X-T1 Travel Photography Telling Stories Differently
When you step into an old fashioned elevator at 6am, ride up 3 floors & the attendee pulls open the metal gate to a view like this...your heart almost stops! Burma blowing my mind... Traveling Wild Myanmar Travel Photography ASIA FUJIFILM X-T1 The Adventure Handbook Landscape_Collection Eye4photography  Crazy The Places I've Been Today Sunrise Sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld Sunrise_Collection WOW Temple The Architect - 2016 EyeEm Awards Fine Art Photography
Kalaw, 4:30am...after a long bus journey. We fell in love immediately upon arrival, it felt like stepping into an old western! Night Night Lights Nightphotography The Places I've Been Today Eye4photography  FUJIFILM X-T1 The Adventure Handbook Travel Photography ASIA Landscape_Collection Myanmar Burma Telling Stories Differently 43 Golden Moments
Harvesting in golden fields at Sunset on the outskirts of Hpa-An, Burma/Myanmar Burma Myanmar Travelling Landscape_Collection Travel Travel Photography ASIA Adventures The Adventure Handbook On The Road FUJIFILM X-T1 Eye4photography  Harvest Sunset The Week On EyeEm The Places I've Been Today Telling Stories Differently
Buddhas in the Mist near Hpa-An, Burma/Myanmar ~ been a long time since I posted here & been missing EyeEm, but the app needs more wifi power than all of Burma had & I've just returned to Vietnam after an incredible month in the country. So much to share, was emotionally exhausting, hard travel, and incredibly rewarding! Eye4photography  Traveling Adventure FUJIFILM X-T1 On The Road The Adventure Handbook Adventures ASIA Travel Photography Landscape_Collection Exploring Travelling Travel Myanmar Telling Stories Differently 43 Golden Moments Fine Art Photography
Follow the light... at Thum Lod Cave, Thailand. Landscape_Collection Exploring Travel Photography Travel The Adventure Handbook Eye4photography  On The Road Adventures Caves FUJIFILM X-T1 Adventure ASIA Traveling Feel The Journey
When caves meet the morning mist! Thum Lod Cave, Thailand Traveling ASIA Adventure Travelling FUJIFILM X-T1 Eye4photography  Caves Adventures On The Road The Adventure Handbook Travel Photography Landscape_Collection Travel The KIOMI Collection Spotted In Thailand Feel The Journey Adventure Club
One of my favorite things about Asia is seeing kids being kids! Flowers Traveling FUJIFILM X-T1 ASIA Eye4photography  Vietnam Kids Being Kids Kids Fishing Playground Play Enjoying Life Adventure Travelling Feel The Journey
Quintessential Vietnam Check This Out Travel Photography Travelling FUJIFILM X-T1 Traveling Vietnam Adventure Eye4photography  ASIA Night Nightphotography Cityscape City Market Flowers Flower Collection Awesome
Cribs Vietnam edition Architecture Home RePicture Growth The Places I've Been Today Adventure Vietnam Traveling FUJIFILM X-T1 Showcase: December Exploring Landscape_Collection Travel Travel Photography Travelling
A lovely monastery in Hoi An under the light of a full moon! Seeing The Sights The Places I've Been Today Traveling Vietnam Eye4photography  ASIA FUJIFILM X-T1 Showcase: December Night Lights Nightphotography Full Moon Moon Temple
On the move again, heading North into the mountains... Showcase: December Exploring FUJIFILM X-T1 ASIA Eye4photography  Street Photography Vietnam Traveling Capturing Movement Street Seeing The Sights Adventure My Best Photo 2015 The Week On EyeEm Telling Stories Differently
Nights in Hanoi Street Traveling Vietnam Street Photography Cityscapes City Eye4photography  ASIA FUJIFILM X-T1 Night Nightphotography Night Lights Exploring Hanoi
Lone tree on Westlake, Tay Ho, Hanoi Pattern, Texture, Shape And Form Textures And Surfaces Street Seeing The Sights Check This Out ASIA Eye4photography  Traveling Vietnam Exploring Street Photography FUJIFILM X-T1 Landscape_Collection Hanoi Trees TreePorn Tree_collection  Reflection Water Reflections Sunset Sunset_collection City Cityscapes RePicture Growth Showcase: December
A motorcycle workshop in Hanoi as multilayered as Vietnam itself, our last day in this amazing country, boy I'm gonna miss it! FUJIFILM X-T1 Street Photography Exploring Showcase: November Travel Vietnam Traveling Eye4photography  ASIA Check This Out Seeing The Sights Adventure Street Textures And Surfaces Texture Pattern, Texture, Shape And Form Multiple Layers Old But Awesome
So excited, taking a trip down the Mekong River tonight. The Mekong ends here in south Vietnam, after traveling from the highlands of Tibet....all the way down through many countries carving the land. Can't wait to photograph the old ships! Seeing The Sights ASIA Adventure Eye4photography  Vietnam Asian Culture Traveling Going To An Exotic Place Boats River The Adventure Handbook Eye4photography  Showcase: November Street Photography Landscape_Collection Exploring Travel Check This Out Old But Awesome
Ladies gathered around an Old TV set in the fish market of Hoi An! Culture People Watching People Traveling Asian Culture Vietnam Street Street Photography Streetphotography Eye4photography  Showcase: November Adventure ASIA Asian  Portrait Cute Collected Community
Fishing for light Street Photography Landscape_Collection Everybodystreet Adventure Sunset Silhouettes Sunset_collection Streetphotography Vietnam Traveling Sunset Eye4photography  Showcase: November Water Reflections Reflection
Sunset walk along West Lake, Tay Ho, Vietnam Showcase: November Eye4photography  Everybody Street Traveling Vietnam Everybodystreet Streetphotography Sunset Sunset_collection Sunset Silhouettes Exploring Adventure Going To An Exotic Place Landscape_Collection Sunrise Silhouette 43 Golden Moments
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