The Week on EyeEm 44

By Maddie - 4 min read

A handpicked selection of the week’s best photos

What a weekend! Friday was Halloween, which meant lots of ghouls, goblins & zombies. Did you upload your photo to our Halloween Horrors mission? (just a few hours left!) And yesterday was the Global EyeEm Adventure. We’ve seen some of the photos from your Adventures, and they look amazing! This Sunday, we’ve rounded up the best pics of the week with a few extras from the Global EyeEm Adventure & your Halloween antics.

Current Missions
It’s Business Time
Halloween Horrors
What Does Music Look Like To You?
Totally Worth It
RePicture Learning
– The EyeEm Facebook Cover Challenge

Song of the Week


By Elinor Harari


young adult

By nicola buck

focus on foreground

By Chris

multi colored

By David Clifford

copy space

By HuaGuoLiao

leisure activity

By Aylin Sağlam


By David Uzochukwu

building exterior

By Bijan Sabet

domestic animals

By Jessica


By Nele

focus on foreground

By Jonas Hafner

real people

By Constantin Schiller

full length

By Marcos Freire

Aerial view of island

By Denise


By Robert J Hill

By kana sasamoto




By Rodrigo Vieira

Man running on pier against sea waves at sunset

By zach louw

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Header image by @dkoder

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