David Uzochukwu


I make pictures whenever I'm not drowning in Nutella. www.twitter.com/davideuzochukwu
I'm obsessed with greenhouses and botanical gardens, sue me. Open Edit
A. In Antwerpen. Open EditThe Week On EyeEm
Happy halloween! Monochrome Halloween
Canada is so crazy beutiful. Selfportrait, 2014.
M. on La Push Beach, WA, USA.
I fell so, so hard for London. Open Edit
New Year in Berlin. Open Edit
From my journal.
A portrait I made of L.A.
Paris at night. Open Edit
This is Clara. I recently switched schools, and she was one of the few people that immediately stood out from the rest. I'm really glad that I get to get to know someone as refreshingly open as her. Portrait Of A Friend
Had an awesome weekend in Germany thanks to you guys :)
At Cannon beach, OR, USA.
I really, really like greenhouses. Open Edit
Cannon Beach, OR. Today I'm back in my warm home, but I can't stop thinking about how much we craved a bonfire this summer. We would've killed to escape the wind haha Open Edit
Oregon, USA.
M. on Vancouver Island.