The Week on EyeEm 21

By xavier - 7 min read

The best photography on EyeEm from May 21st – 28th.

“(…) nothing is unfamiliar in these photographs. This is how I see, this is what I find valuable in the ordinary shuffle of the world. These are my pictures. This must have been exactly the way it was”
– John Gossage

By Oliver Helbig

By Pablo lopez Learte

By Keily Hotchkin

By André Dogbey

By Han Linsanity

By Alejandro Roberto Torrontegui

By Nathan Goldenzweig

By Gryllus Minimus

By Hossein Fardinfard

By Ramin Mazur

By Ethan Hundertmark

By Luis Enero

By Joe

By alex

By Fabian Palencia

By Chulsu Kim

By C. Kerem Nasipoglu

By Mankichi Shinshi

By Bella Haman

By Ante Badzim

By Justin Ecklof

By Daniel Truta

By Michael Kuby

By Nazir Azhari

By Daniele Martire

All of these photos, and those from previous weeks, can be found in The Week On EyeEm album! Congratulations to all of those whose work has contributed to this great collection of pictures.

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Header image byBella Haman.