Ramin Mazur

documentary photographer based in Moldova. support me on patreon https://www.patreon.com/raminmazur
Ramin Mazur
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People walking on snow covered tree during winter
Closed door of house
Horse standing by bare trees in winter
Scenic view of snow field against sky
Horse on snow field against sky
People walking on snow field against sky
Interior of abandoned building
Rear view of man standing on snow covered landscape
Midsection of shirtless man holding bathroom
View of abandoned building
Old building wall
View of buildings in city
Girl playing in park
Close-up of plants
Low angle view of statue
Scenic view of rural landscape
View of old building
Parking lot against sky
Empty road with trees in background
Bare trees in front of building
Bare trees against buildings
View of built structure
View of building
Close-up of abandoned building
Snow covered bare trees in city
Low angle view of firework display
Scenic view of snow covered landscape
Cars parked on street
Trees in the dark
View of abandoned building
Rock formations in sea
Houses with trees in background
Built structure against blue sky
Low angle view of tree against sky