The Week on EyeEm 18

By Maddie - 4 min read

Here we recap some of the week’s best photos and also photos from some of the meetups from around the world.

This weekend is extra special for the EyeEm Community because it is our first ever Global Meetup. There are 50 meetups happening around the world right now, so we have included several photos to share the fun. Want to join? Check out the list of meetups happening here.

Current Missions

Rainy Days by PHaT PHOTO
Good Things Come in Small Packages with Lightcase

Song of the week

Happy Sunday!

By tsurujun

By Arthur Yushi

By Richard Chambury

By Pirmin Föllmi (

By Dina

by By DipshikhaGhosh

By Alice

By Catherine Descoups-Galfione

By Alexander Supertramp

By matthew coleman

By kui on EyeEm

By rebecka

by By ishidahideo

By Romario

By Jessy Menchaca

By milalalila on EyeEm


By Vladimir

By Novemberkind

By themissinglinka

Congratulations to @arch @tsurujun @s19 @richfoto @iPhotography @dinalf @dipshikhaghosh @AliceVanWunder @CatherineDescoupsGalfione @alexSupertramp @findmatthewcoleman @kui440 @avecchat @fatboy1973 @Amirspasalar @jessylovesyou @Milalalila @VladimirO @novemberkind @themissinglinka

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