The Week on EyeEm 11

By Maddie - 4 min read

March 9-15. Enjoy scenes from your daily commute, the beauty of mundane objects & life in the big city

The Week on EyeEm is a selection of the most inspiring and profoundly beautiful images. Curated each week just for you, be sure to click on the photos below, leave a comment and follow these selected photographers to see more of their work in your Friends feed.

By Adnan

By Andrea in Lostdreams

By Charles

By crsxo

By Lynette

By Aron

By Ovidio Ferreira

By Yuni

By Keisuke

By Ekaterina Khudyakova

By Stanley Chang

By Chris P

By Firdaus Jurahel

By W.S.E

By Craig Hall

By Eva Alavez

By raset

By Jenn Tamati

By Arthur Yushi

By hyo sun

By Jörg

By Jongcheol Park

By Víctor del Pino

By kickin

By namari

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Congratulations to @Aadnan @imposibledreams @sh00tr74 @crsxo @ltiongson @Aronshakeri @ovidio001 @yunE85 @keisuke826 @KatrinaKhudyakova @stanley @chrispk @FirdausJurahel @jeffrylamin @craig818 @evagolightly @raset @walterofrose @s19 @hyosun @jofoc @parkjc1 @delpinoegea @kickin & @namari

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Header image by @stanley

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