Ovidio Ferreira


São Paulo, Brazil. DSLR and mobile photography. Just looking around. Instagram: @ovidio001. contact: ovidio001@gmail.com
Yorkshire Yorkshire Terrier Beach International Women's Day 2019 Water Pets Full Length Togetherness Friendship Young Women Sea Beach Bonding Ankle Deep In Water Swimming Trunks Splashing Wave Retriever
Sunlight Sun Summer Grass International Women's Day 2019 Child Childhood Full Length Smiling Portrait Blond Hair Girls Happiness Looking At Camera Elementary Age Yard Outdoor Play Equipment Schoolyard Residential Structure Playground Backyard
Starbucks Frapuccino Sunlight Sun International Women's Day 2019 Young Women Ice Cream Donut Beautiful Woman Portrait Women Frozen Food Fast Food Hat Sweet Food Ice Cream Parlor Ice Cream Sundae Serving Scoop Sun Hat Iced Coffee Straw Hat Strawberry Ice Cream Drinking Straw
Action Empowerment  Shoe Shoes Shoes Sole Sole Of Foot Sole Girl Teenager Teenage Girls Teenager Girl International Women's Day 2019 Young Women Sitting City Smiling Steps And Staircases Women Steps Stairs Staircase Escalator Subway Station Moving Down Subway
Smile Smiling Happy Girl Teenager Teenager Girl International Women's Day 2019 Smiling Cheerful Happiness City Enjoyment Fun Laughing Mid Adult Holding Toothy Smile Umbrella Rain Rainy Season Wet RainDrop Under Posing
International Women's Day 2019 City Cityscape Skyscraper Urban Skyline Corporate Business Well-dressed City Life Umbrella Rainy Season Rainfall Raincoat Wet RainDrop Rain Sheltering Growing High Rise
International Women's Day 2019 Beauty Spa Portrait Beautiful Woman Beauty Flower Beautiful People Females Young Women Glamour Human Face Eye Make-up Eyeshadow Blush - Make-up Mascara Lipstick Beauty Product Make-up Iris - Eye Lip Gloss Eyelash Ceremonial Make-up Eyebrow Eyeliner Face Powder Make-up Brush Human Lips
International Women's Day 2019 Water Environmentalist Portrait Child Warm Clothing Cold Temperature Winter Long Hair Looking At Camera Sky One Teenage Girl Only Teenagers Only Teenage Girls Teenager Adolescence  High School Student Only Teenage Girls Female High School Student
International Women's Day 2019 Human Hand Young Women Fingernail Beautiful Woman Females Beauty Women Manicure Gold Close-up Painting Fingernails Toenail Nail File Applying Make-up Brush Moisturizer Blush - Make-up Skin Care Facial Mask - Beauty Product Anti Aging Beauty Product Lip Gloss Ring Nail Polish Finger Nail Art Wedding Ring Body Care And Beauty Perfume Sprayer
International Women's Day 2019 Human Hand Young Women Portrait Drink Beauty Cocktail Women Beautiful Woman Looking At Camera Drinking Glass Tonic Water Milkshake Blended Drink Juicer Drinking Straw Smoothie Blender Detox Cocktail Shaker Carbonated
Bird Sky Clouds Telephone Line Technology Computer Network Bird Electricity  Complexity Cable Electricity Pylon Power Supply Communication Power Cable Telephone Pole Electrical Grid High Voltage Sign Power Station Grid Outlet Power Line  Tangled Wire Network Connection Plug Steel Cable Router
Red Chair Water Red Chair Architecture Concrete Hardwood Floor Hardwood Parquet Floor Flooring Knotted Wood Floorboard Concrete Wall Wood Laminate Flooring Cement Home Showcase Interior Arch Office Building Penthouse Arch Bridge Archway Wooden Rug
Pets Full Length Dog Standing Grass Green Color Pet Leash Pet Collar Yorkshire Terrier Terrier Jack Russell Terrier Dog Lead Lap Dog Pet Owner Pet Equipment Shih Tzu
Night Lights Night Lights City Tree Illuminated Modern Skyscraper Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Urban Skyline Office Building Tall - High Tower Cityscape Skyline
Top View Top Perspective Reading Book Train Commute Commuter Commuting Men Togetherness Women Sitting High Angle View Under Below White Line Empty Road Yellow Line
Blurred Motion Motion Motion Blur City Biker Motorcycle Full Length Road Headwear Land Vehicle Riding Bicycle Cycling Traffic Tail Light Moving Vehicle Light Racing Bicycle Road Sign Vehicle High Street Multiple Lane Highway Light Trail Highway Elevated Road Stoplight
Dog Pets Yorkshire Yorkshire Terrier City Depression - Sadness Hopelessness Disappointment Depression Loneliness
Lines Powerlines Silhouette Bird Cable Sky Telephone Pole Telephone Line Parallel Link Power Line  Electricity Pylon Electricity  Power Supply Power Cable Electricity Tower Electric Pole
Popcorns Street Food Food Window Drop Close-up
Skyline Urban Skyline Urban Buildings Water Backgrounds Full Frame Drop Window Wet Close-up Water Drop Glass Detail Droplet Blurred Rainy Season Condensation Rain Dew RainDrop
Allstar Low Section Shoe Human Leg Close-up Shoelace Footwear Tying Lace - Fastener Ground Pair Footbridge Canvas Shoe Bridge - Man Made Structure
Electricity Pylon Technology Tree Sunset Electricity  Cable Silhouette Power Supply Fuel And Power Generation Power Line  Telephone Line Phone Cord Electrical Component Bandwidth Sky Only Scenics Tranquil Scene Television Aerial
Bike Biker Bicycle Architecture Close-up Architectural Column Ceiling Architectural Design Recessed Light Column Arch Bridge Bridge - Man Made Structure
Hanging Market Retail  Red Market Stall For Sale Dried Food City Food And Drink Close-up Dried Fruit Red Chili Pepper Stall Chili Pepper Pepper Jalapeno Pepper Cardamom Chili  Dried Street Market Farmer Market Drying
Garlic Garlic Bulb Flower Head Flower Backgrounds Full Frame Pink Color Market Close-up Flower Market Stall Market Stall Farmer Market Street Market
Farmers Market Choice Retail  Variation High Angle View For Sale Arrangement Spice Table Market Close-up Various Cardamom Black Peppercorn Ground - Culinary Mustard Plant Paprika Retail Display Display Market Stall Dried Food Seasoning
Pineapple Vegetable Vegetarian Food Vegan Vegan Food Condiment Farmers Market Pattern Retail  For Sale Greenhouse Close-up Plant Market Stall Stall Farmer Market Market Display Retail Display
Pet Animal Sleep Sleeping Door Puppy Dog Pets Dog Sunlight Under Doormat Closed Locked Keyhole Doorknob Entryway Closed Door At Home
Pets Portrait Dog Looking At Camera Puppy Eyes Closed  Close-up Yorkshire Terrier Animal Hair Hairy  Animal Nose Animal Face Animal Eye Pampered Pets Terrier Lap Dog Purebred Dog
Pets Portrait Dog Looking At Camera Close-up Puppy Lap Dog Young Animal Purebred Dog Canine Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Pet Clothing
Pattern Pattern, Texture, Shape And Form Wall Tiled Wall Backgrounds Architecture Textured  Surveillance LINE Wall Lamp
Traffic Traffic Jam Traffic Lights Skyline Colorful City Sunset Sky Cloud - Sky Landscape Cityscape Urban Scene Vehicle Tail Light Vehicle Light Elevated Road
Low Section Men Women Road Shadow Road Marking Yellow Line Dividing Line Roadways White Line vanishing point The Way Forward Asphalt Street Scene Street Crosswalk
Yorkshire Yorkshire Terrier Dog Puppy Pet Prison Prisoner Trapped Cage Confined Space Animals In Captivity Dog Lead Canine
Water Low Section Men Puddle Reflection Wet Oil Spill Water Pollution Sewage Gutter Manhole  Environmental Damage Water Conservation Drum - Container Drain Pollution Sewer Leaking Muddy Footwear Human Leg Rainy Season Monsoon Human Foot Flood Personal Perspective
Underneath Architectural Column Bridge - Man Made Structure Architecture Close-up Built Structure Architectural Design Pillar Architectural Detail Column Architectural Feature Cable-stayed Bridge Directly Below Architecture And Art Symmetry Bridge Place Of Interest
Illuminated Close-up Filament Wire Wool Energy Efficient Lightbulb Electric Light Pendant Light Darkroom Light Trail Long Exposure Recessed Light Electric Bulb Light Bulb Electricity
Bird Perching Parrot Prisoner Pets Multi Colored Trapped Cage Birdcage Feather  Macaw Rainbow Lorikeet Cockatoo Beak Hornbill Tropical Bird
Bird Perching Parrot Pets Prison Trapped Multi Colored Yellow Cage Steel Bird Feeder Tropical Bird Hummingbird Songbird  Captive Animals Cardinal - Bird Robin Hornbill Macaw
Door Doorway Full Length Office Building Urban Scene Exterior Building Exterior Tall Cityscape Office Block Architecture
Sky Fun Happy Flying Kite - Toy Extreme Sports Sky Cloud - Sky Sky Only Cumulus Meteorology Cumulus Cloud Mid-air Kite
Streetphotography Street Scene Street Headwear Men Headshot City Standing Building Exterior Architecture Flat Cap Thoughtful Wearing Head And Shoulders Multiple Image
Perspective Ceiling Illuminated Architectural Column Architecture Built Structure Aluminum Alloy Symmetry Subway Brushed Metal Architectural Feature Architectural Design Underpass Subway Platform Subway Train Silver - Metal Foundry Platinum Tin Sheet Metal Foil - Material
Lookingup Skyscraper Sky City Silhouette Prison Business Finance And Industry Architecture Sky Built Structure Historic Building Tall - High Exterior Tower Skyscraper Civilization Historic Building
Headwear Full Length Young Women Standing City Protection Holding Women Building Exterior Building Exterior Architecture Urban Scene Sun Hat
Worker Wood City Men Street Scene Street Stall Zebra Crossing Street Performer Road Marking Crosswalk Crossing Yellow Line White Line High Street
Window Ghetto City Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Close-up Building Balcony Residential Structure Settlement Human Settlement Exterior Historic Place Location Neighborhood
EyeEm Selects Insect Close-up Ladybug Mating Arthropod Wildlife Invertebrate Tiny Bug Beetle
bad advices HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark Clubbing Nightclub Illuminated Nightlife Performance Young Women Men Portrait Arts Culture And Entertainment Popular Music Concert
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark City Young Women Women Sky Urban Scene Building Exterior City Street
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark Illuminated Nightclub Eyeglasses  Nightlife Waist Up Men Disco Ball Entertainment Club Clubbing Glasses Head And Shoulders
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark Musician Technology Music Recording Studio Microphone Saxophone Men Headphones Jazz Music Blues Music
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark Men Illuminated Women Architecture Built Structure Arch Under Historic Arcade Passageway Amphitheater
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark City Portrait Smiling Cheerful Happiness Looking At Camera Illuminated Headshot Front View Street
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark Portrait Headshot Beautiful Woman Young Women Human Face Yellow Happiness Front View Close-up Thoughtful Pretty Pensive Contemplation Thinking Afro
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark City Illuminated Road Street Architecture Building Exterior Sky Road Marking Zebra Crossing Crossing Dividing Line Crossroad Crossing Sign Stoplight Light Trail Empty Road Street Light Bicycle Lane Asphalt
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark Human Hand Supermarket Multiple Image Close-up Window Display Shelves Refrigerator Butcher Transparent For Sale Delicatessen Freezer
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark Multi Colored Carousel Amusement Park Ride Ride Amusement Park Fairground Carousel Horses
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark Basketball - Sport Sunset Sport Silhouette Childhood Sky Cloud - Sky
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark Illuminated Men Full Length Architecture Built Structure Covered Bridge Passageway Subway Subway Station Underground
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark Illuminated Architectural Column Parking Garage Guidance Parking Lot Architecture Built Structure Underpass Road Marking Zebra Crossing Asphalt Dividing Line Empty Road Subway Parking Sign Parking Yellow Line
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark Prison Steps And Staircases Staircase Architecture Stairway Railing Security Bar Steps Stairs Architectural Feature
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark Politics And Government Window Silhouette Architecture Chiaroscuro  Entryway Looking Through Window Window Frame Darkroom
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark City Illuminated Motion Road Red Long Exposure Speed Light Trail Rush Hour City Life Vehicle Light Tail Light Overpass Highway High Street Multiple Lane Highway Urban Road Street Light
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark Motorsport Land Vehicle Road Car Blue Close-up Auto Racing Racecar Sports Race Tire Parking Garage
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark Crowd Illuminated Nightlife Neon Architecture Lantern Lighting Equipment Electric Bulb Electric Light Filament Light Fixture Lamp Light Bulb Nightclub
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark Popular Music Concert Applauding Crowd Audience Clubbing Nightclub Party - Social Event Nightlife Youth Culture Disco Dancing Laser Disco Lights Pop Rock Live Event Entertainment Event
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark Popular Music Concert Crowd Audience Human Hand Fan - Enthusiast Illuminated Rock Music Disco Lights Nightlife Youth Culture Pop Music Pop Rock Dry Ice Live Event Concert Hall  Music Festival Stage Light Atmosphere
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark Popular Music Concert Illuminated Nightlife Performance Nightclub Arts Culture And Entertainment Light Beam Laser Music Purple Music Concert Stage Light Audience Concert Hall  Electric Light Music Festival Disco Lights
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark Popular Music Concert Crowd Fan - Enthusiast Audience Illuminated Nightclub Nightlife Party - Social Event Togetherness Performance Concert Stage Music Festival Dry Ice Live Event Disco Dancing Music Concert Dance Music Spotlight Clubbing Stage Light
HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark Portrait Youth Culture Headshot Arts Culture And Entertainment Front View Beauty Beautiful People Close-up Nightclub Clubbing Nightlife
Subway Train Railroad Station Platform Public Transportation Train - Vehicle Rail Transportation Railroad Station Railroad Track Railway Station Platform Track Train Track Railroad Railway Railway Station Passenger Train Train Station Train Metro Train Subway Blurred Platform Commuter Train
Circle Rounded Circumference Low Section Human Leg Shoe Pattern High Angle View Close-up Manhole  Sewer Lid Footwear Wooden Floor Ground Stone Tile Canvas Shoe Drain
Girl Fun Kids Child Childhood Children Children Only Fluffy EyeEm Selects Stuffed Toy Teddy Bear Beach High Angle View Close-up Toy Animal Toy
Autumn Dead Leaves Tree Leaf Close-up Sky Plant Blooming In Bloom Growing Thorn Plant Life Botany Blossom
Brasil Brazil Team Supporter Football National Brazilian Colors EyeEm Selects Portrait City Smiling Beautiful Woman Happiness Headshot Beauty Arts Culture And Entertainment Looking At Camera Young Women Eyelash Vision Eyesight Human Eye Eyeliner Red Lipstick Eye Make-up
Car Traffic Street Top View Top Perspective City Protection Chain Accidents And Disasters High Angle View Safety Security Communication Close-up Warning Sign Grid Do Not Enter Sign Stop Sign
Car Automobile Top View Pattern Street City High Angle View Street Road Car Point Of View Land Vehicle Vehicle Moving Windshield Parking
City Steel Skyscraper Cable Modern Cityscape Golf Club Suspension Bridge Business Finance And Industry Electricity  Steel Cable Cable-stayed Bridge Engineering Railroad Bridge Bridge - Man Made Structure Arch Bridge Bascule Bridge
Skyscraper City Modern Cable Backgrounds Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Cable-stayed Bridge Chain Bridge Steel Cable Engineering Bridge Elevated Road Suspension Bridge Bridge - Man Made Structure Steel
City Suspension Bridge Cable Bridge - Man Made Structure Girder Business Finance And Industry Sky Architecture Built Structure Cloud - Sky Cable-stayed Bridge Engineering Railroad Bridge Underneath Chain Bridge Elevated Road Bridge Steel Cable Urban Skyline
City Cityscape Road Bridge - Man Made Structure Skyscraper Car Sky Architecture Built Structure Suspension Bridge Chain Bridge Steel Cable Engineering Railroad Bridge Overhead Cable Car Bridge Cable-stayed Bridge Overpass Elevated Road Multiple Lane Highway Tunnel Highway Urban Road
City Cityscape Urban Skyline Skyscraper Suspension Bridge Modern Steel Bridge - Man Made Structure Car Road Cable-stayed Bridge Steel Cable Engineering Railway Bridge Viaduct Arch Bridge Bridge Road Intersection Elevated Road Multiple Lane Highway Vehicle Light Overpass Traffic Jam
Black And White Street Cars Parking Parking Lot Crowd City Stadium High Angle View Architecture Traffic Circle
Stadium Yellow Arena Backgrounds Full Frame Close-up Textured  Bark Arrangement Detail Order Repetition Shelves In A Row Side By Side
Animal Pet Sleep Sleeping Sleeping Cat Cat Corrugated Iron Shutter Close-up Closed Textured  Doorknob Door Closed Door Door Handle
Astronomy City Cityscape Fish-eye Lens Architecture Sky Building Exterior Built Structure Skyscraper Skyline Downtown High Rise Urban Skyline Tower Downtown District
Stadium Architecture Stadium Arena Football Stadium Football Ancient Civilization Architectural Column Architecture Sky Built Structure Amphitheater Historic History
Black And White Pattern Girder Golf Club City Business Finance And Industry Steel Complexity Pattern Bridge - Man Made Structure Triangle Shape Sea Geometric Shape Architectural Design Hexagon Honeycomb Skylight Architecture And Art Ceiling LINE Triangle Square Shape Office Building Architectural Feature Architectural Detail
City Men Snow Walking Winter Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Pedestrian Pedestrian Walkway Street Scene City Street Office Building Street
Red Market Hanging City Retail  Dried Food For Sale Market Stall Dried Fruit Close-up Red Chili Pepper Spice Turmeric  Black Peppercorn Ground - Culinary Street Market Chili  Chili Pepper
Garlic Garlic Bulb Food Farmers Market Table Hot Flower Head Flower Backgrounds Full Frame Market Pink Color Retail  Close-up For Sale Market Stall Farmer Market Street Market Raw Market Vendor
Farmers Market Pepper Table Food Sauce Red Pepper Condiment Market Retail  Variation Herb Choice Dried Food Ingredient Spice For Sale Black Peppercorn Pepper - Seasoning Pepper Shaker Seasoning Paprika Mustard Plant Salt Shaker Cinnamon Salt - Seasoning Anise Cardamom Turmeric  Ground - Culinary Legume Family Lentil Star Anise Retail Display Clove
Pepper Yellow Red Red Pepper Hot Food Table Farmers Market Multi Colored Backgrounds Full Frame Choice Variation Arrangement Close-up Variety Nutrition Healthy Raw Top View Delicious STAND Group For Sale Colorful
Farmers Market Food Sauce Multi Colored Choice Variation Arrangement Backgrounds Close-up Food And Drink Various Red Chili Pepper Shelves Chili Pepper Jalapeno Pepper Turmeric  Chili  Spice Pepper Collage Collection For Sale Variety Green Chili Pepper
Pepper Red Red Pepper Hot Yellow Food Table Fruit Red Close-up Food And Drink Raw Food
Futebol Football Soccer Stadium Arena Yellow Blue Full Frame Close-up Metal Grate Repetition Many Block
Men Sign Door Blackandwhite Building Passageway Passage Aged Concrete Door
Puddle Reflection Puddle Reflections EyeEm Selects Full Frame Backgrounds Window Close-up Architecture Textured  Building Office Building Settlement