The 2019 EyeEm Photo Awards Are Now Open!

By Ellen Clipson - 4 min read

This year’s EyeEm Photo Awards are now open for your submissions. Set to uphold its title as the biggest photography competition in the world, make sure you enter now to get your work discovered, win new gear and a trip to Berlin!

The 2019 EyeEm Photo Awards is set to be bigger than ever before. Featuring official award partners such as Canon, Magnum and Red Bull Illume, plus more to be announced!

Whether you consider yourself and amateur or a professional, this year’s awards will equip you to take your photography to new places, get your work discovered and win amazing prizes.

The Largest Photography Competition For Showcasing Your Work

With 2018 EyeEm Photo Awards receiving over 700k submissions from more than 100k photographers, today we launch the sixth edition of EyeEm photo awards in anticipation for the amazing work we will see shared and new talents to be discovered.

#EyeEmAwards19 includes 10 unique categories, all of which are set to break expectations and redefine the boundaries of visual storytelling. Keep reading to find out more about how to submit your photos and see our three new category additions!

How to Submit Your Photos to The EyeEm Awards

The Awards are free and open to anyone. You may enter via the free EyeEm iOS and Android app, or desktop. It’s free to submit and photographers are encouraged to enter as many photos as they choose.

The upload process has been made simple and easy for you, so you can enter on the go!

  • Upload: Select already uploaded photos or upload new ones using Web Uploader or our mobile app
  • Tag: Simply tag your photos with the title of the category (e.g. The Photojournalist) to enter your photo to The EyeEm Awards category
  • Caption: Feel free to add extra more details about the story behind the photo in the photo caption it to catch the eye of our jury
  • Tip: To increase your chances, upload a photo series. We would also like to see more about the inspiration behind your work and the story behind the images. Please explain the story in the caption.

    The 2019 EyeEm Awards Categories

    EyeEm Photographer Of The Year

    As the grand prize winner you will win flights to accomodation in Berlin to attend Berlin Photo Week and teach a workshop. This is the best chance for you to get your work discovered with increased exposure and opportunities throughout the year.

    Previous winners include Aiyush Pachnanda, David Uzochukwu, and Porter Yates. Since winning, the outstanding photographers received international acclaim, signed contracts with photo agencies and were published worldwide by publications such as British Journal of Photography and Highsnobiety.

    The Great Outdoors

    In partnership with Red Bull Illume.

    The earth is a beautiful, vast, crazy, wonderful place full of the most incredible landscapes - share your best photos of the world’s terrain to go on to become a finalist in the Red Bull Illume Awards, and exhibited around the world in 2020!

    Enter The Great Outdoors

    The Portraitist

    This category challenges you to share human connection with us. Make us feel curiosity, wonder, friendship, love or empathy with a person in an image.

    Enter The Portraitist

    The Photojournalist

    In partnership with Magnum Photos.

    It’s all about the stories behind the images - the most emotional, exciting, devastating and monumental moments have been documented by photojournalists throughout history.

    Enter The Photojournalist

    The Mobile Photographer - NEW!

    To pay tribute to our roots, we’re introducing a mobile photography category for the first time. Submit your best images shot on any smartphone device.

    Enter The Mobile Photographer

    The Creative

    The Creative is challenging you to share your best Photoshop edits, or even generative AI photography. What does your world of creative compositing look like?

    Enter The Creative

    The Minimalist - NEW!

    Experimenting with composition, lighting, colors and shadows to redefine visual minimalism. How can you use less to say more?

    Enter The Minimalist

    The Traveler

    Whether it be the discovery of awe-inspiring, untouched destinations or finding new angles of much-loved locations, we are calling pioneers to hit the road and find the unique travel stories, communities and paths that are shaping our world.

    Enter The Traveler

    The Foodie - NEW!

    The table - a place for community, conversation and creativity. The Foodie is about capturing the new colors, textures, compositions and contexts waiting to be explored.

    Enter The Foodie

    The Street Photographer

    In partnership with Canon.

    Absorbing the unexpected, unconventional and humorous moments of life that catch your eye. Street Photography can capture the living reflections of the individuals shaping our cities. Enter now to win a Canon M50 Camera!

    Enter The Street Photographer

    The Architect

    The Architect is about seeing beyond the four walls to capture new perspectives of the spaces we have constructed, nurtured or destroyed.

    Enter The Architect

    Important Dates

  • Submissions open: May 20th 2019
  • Deadline for submissions: July 26th 2019
  • Shortlist Announced: September 4th 2019
  • Winners Announced: At the winners ceremony at Berlin Photo Week 2019
  • To see all of categories and submit your photos head to the EyeEm’s Mission page, or the tab in your app and enter now!

    Read more about the Jury, Prizes and Deadlines on the offiial EyeEm Awards website here.