Take Ten: A Conversation with Robin Homan

By Lars - 5 min read

The Dutch photographer talks about his casual way of shooting.

Robin Homan (@robinhoman) is a photographer from The Netherlands. Together with his partner Dominique, he works as a photographer for weddings and portrait shots. We like his way of using colors and a soft focus to capture intimate photos. That’s why we reached out to him with our series of ten questions.

By Robin

What made you start taking pictures?
When I was younger my grandfather gave me my first camera. It was a Canon EOS 650. I was about 8 years old. My mother didn’t want me to take any pictures with her camera on our holidays cause I didn’t follow the “rules”: I took photos of simple things I saw. After a few years I got into some other hobbies which made me forget about photography. When I met my fiancée Dominique I learned she also loved to take photos so we started to take photos of our dog. After that things got out of control: We started our own company and for almost one year we have been taking photos of couples and weddings.

These are our three favorite photos out of the ones you have uploaded. Is there a story behind them you could share?

By Robin

This photos is of my fiancée Dominique. We were just playing around, taking some pictures of each other.

By Robin

This photo was taken during a walk with all the siblings and mother of our dog. There were about ten Australian Shepherds, all having a great time swimming and jumping around. We brought our camera and this was the coolest shot I took that day.

By Robin

I snapped this after we were done taking photos in a field near our hometown. When we started there were no people taking photos. But I guess we inspired some other people, who started taking photos as well. I don’t actually know the people in this shot.

Film or Digital?
Digital. I have shot some film, and love that way of shooting, but I can’t stand the wait.

Where’s home (however you understand the notion).
We live in Landgraaf, the Netherlands. But it’s not “home”. I am are very much in love with London and hope we can move in that direction someday.

How important is post-production to you?
Post production plays a huge role in my style of photography. I edit all our pictures in Lightroom with our own set of presets.

Is there a photo on EyeEm you’re the most proud of having sold?

By Robin

I haven’t sold many photos, actually. Among the ones I did sell, this would be the one I’m most proud of.

Your dearest photography ritual?
That would be the last cup of coffee I drink before a shoot.

Who is your favorite user that you follow on EyeEm?
That would be my fiancée Dominique:

Do you have any unrealized photo dreams? Or projects you are currently working on?
We are actually getting married in Iceland this year! I am stoked about that – it’s a photo couple’s dream.

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