Each year, millions of new photos get uploaded to EyeEm. We try to see the majority of them, but our photo editors are only human and can’t possibly catch all great pictures.

Luckily, we’ve got another tool up out sleeves: EyeEm Vision automatically analyzes and ranks the aesthetic quality of all images you upload. This means it’ll pick out even those shots we would otherwise overlook.

“EyeEm Vision imitates the curation expertise of professional photographers”, explains computer vision engineer Gökhan, “our deep learning technology unravels this expertise using a large collection of amazing photographs.”

Without further ado: Here’s a different take on the end-of-year list; the best shots you uploaded in 2016 curated by the machine.

By Zach Louw

By Jonas Hafner

By wormi

By Jan T.

By Rafael

By Matt Lief Anderson

By Li Fang

By Milo Hale

By Steven H.

By Audrey Kwok

By Anna Kravtsova

By Camila L

By Erich Rau

By Ronny Garcia

By Nina Lindner

By Alexander Kleis

By Fulya Lisa Neubert

By E R I K

By Jay Ybarra

By Caroline Brouckaert

By flymaoleg

By Irakli_

By Miguel Ángel Vilaxa

By Emily Martin

By Ueli Frischknecht

Header image by @milohale.