Piano Moments: See the Winning Photos of Our Mission with ASK HELMUT

By Lars - 3 min read

88 keys, 5 winners.

Today marks World Piano Day, a celebration of music from the iconic instrument. It’s also the perfect time to announce the winners of our Piano Moments Mission that we hosted with ASK HELMUT. In it, we challenged you to capture the love for music in general and for pianos in particular. You well and truly hit the high note with your submissions.

Congratulations to the following Community Members, whose photos were exhibited at Funkhaus Berlin! See the winners below, then keep scrolling for impressions from the exhibition.


Ravikanth Kurma

real people


Rear view of man playing piano

Angela Bragato

Midsection of boy playing piano

Gustavo Santos

Cropped hands of woman playing piano in darkroom

I N G Y A N • 熒 恩


On Display


By xavier A.

one person

By xavier A.


By xavier A.


By xavier A.

rear view

By xavier A.

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Header photo byGustavo Santos

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