Angela Bragato

Travel, learn. And love ALL the little things in life. Also 👍🏻on Facebook - Angela Bragato fotografie
Angela Bragato
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High angle view of dessert in plate on table
Portrait of woman wearing purple hat
Empty road amidst trees in forest against sky
Close-up of text on wall
Panoramic view of river amidst trees and buildings against sky
Close-up of white rose flower against black background
Pigeons in a city
Stack of books
Portrait of dog sitting outdoors
Close-up of clothes drying against wall
Close-up of pink tulip flowers in yard
Full frame shot of tiled floor
Close-up of multi colored ball on tiled floor
Close-up of lemon slice in plate on table
Low angle view of illuminated lamp on wall of old building
Midsection of man using mobile phone
Close-up of open book
Low section of person standing on road
Empty chairs and table against wall in building
Rear view of man looking through window at home
Closed door of window of building
Close-up of cat sleeping
Close-up of christmas decoration
Close-up of illuminated christmas tree
Close-up of red rose with leaves
Low angle view of pink flowering plant against building
Close-up of book on table
Close-up of lit candle against black background
Close-up of purple flowering plant
Close-up of hand holding camera
Entrance of abandoned building
Close-up of red rose
Close-up of flower vase on table
High angle view of shoes on table
Close-up of old metal door
Low angle view of residential buildings in old town
Water on beach against sky
Low section of woman by sea against sky during sunset
Close-up of white flowering plant
Close-up of white hydrangeas
Woman relaxing on swimming pool
Scenic view of field against sky
High angle view of people walking on road
Close-up of pink flowering plants
Scenic view of sea against clear sky
Scenic view of flowering plants on field against sky
Man surfing in swimming pool
Man working at construction site
Close-up of rice in bowl on table
Close-up of stuffed toy against white background
Rear view of statue against cloudy sky
Close-up of wet grass during rainy season
Low section of woman sitting on floor
Statue of statues in city
Close-up of fresh green plant against white background
Scenic view of snow covered field against mountain
Directly above shot of rusty metal on table
Close-up of text on heart shape
Stack of stones on rock against sky
High angle view of vegetables on table
High angle view of bread on cutting board
Low angle view of buildings in town against sky
Lighthouse by sea against sky
Close-up of multi colored pencils on table
High angle view of objects on table
Scenic view of lake
Scenic view of snowcapped mountains against sky
Close-up of hand holding wineglass against white background
Close-up of stuffed toy on table at home
High angle view of cat lying down on street
Close-up of fire hydrant on street
High angle view of person preparing food
High angle view of arrow symbol on road
Close-up of cross on table
Close-up of christmas decoration hanging on tree
Directly above shot of text on white background
Close-up of flag against palm trees
Low angle view of flags
Close-up of yellow flowering plant on field
Close-up of yellow flowering plant
Portrait of black dog
Close-up of moss on rock
Scenic view of sea and cave
Low angle view of pink ship on beach against sky
Close-up of white cherry blossoms in spring
People on beach by sea against sky
Empty chairs on beach
Low section of person relaxing on wooden floor
Close-up of hand holding smart phone
Chairs on table by swimming pool against sky
Scenic view of field against sky during sunset
Close-up of spider on the ground
Close-up of jar on table
Rear view of boy standing on beach
Close-up of bamboo on beach
Group of people walking in rain
Close-up of purple flowering plants
Close-up of hand holding flower
Graffiti on wall of building against sky