#NotYourCliche: EyeEm Magazine Vol. VII Is Here

By Brogues - 2 min read

Throughout time, photography has served as a powerful medium to destabilize fixed, binary notions of identity – from the raw explorations of gender politics by Nan Goldin and Mark Morrisroe in the 70s, to the rising voices featured in EyeEm Magazine Volume VII: Queer. Find out what to expect in the newest issue – and how to get your hands on a copy.

Published as part of #NotYourCliche – our campaign to make visual representation a real reflection of the world we live in – EyeEm Queer pushes for proper visibility of LGBTQ+ lives and stories, honoring their significant place in global society and history.

The features found in our latest issue showphotography’s ability to subvert hegemonic viewpoints, challenge established power relations and bring historically marginalized perspectives to light – as well as proving that queer is a definition as multifacetedandnuanced as the millions of individuals who identify as LGBTQ+.

EyeEm Queer is just a small part of the big picture – but one we hope will help open up important conversations, inclusiverepresentations and more diversestories from across the globe.

10% of all proceeds will be donated to OutRight, the international organization serving as a bridge between local communities and high-impact levers of powerto advance human rights and opportunities for LGBTIQ people around the world.

Scrollon for a small preview of what you can expect in EyeEm Magazine Vol. VII!

Pepper Levain

Frederick Deserva

Toki Hernández

Watsamon Tri-Yasakda

The McCutcheon Family

A special mention – and thank you – to all of the talented photographers featured in EyeEm Magazine Vol. VII: Farhan Hussain, Ken Kajoranta, Sharon McCutcheon, s//vt, Paul S, Ana Parada, Elinor Harari, Frederick Deserva, Robert Ullmann, Inbalica, Ting, Gaston T., Toki Hernández, Rachel Cauvin, Manuel Osterholt, Terry Waller, Pepper Levain, Lu Shisen, Per Grunditz, T to the J, Watsamon Tri-yasakda, Raffaele Mosca and Kostis Fokas.

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