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3 ways to challenge internalized ideas of womanhood with EyeEm visuals

By Michelle Thomas - 3 min read

Women’s Equality Day presents a fantastic opportunity for brands to celebrate how far we’ve come – and highlight the work to be done – to achieve a fair, equitable world for all

For far too long, image searches of ‘women’s equality’ have depicted womanhood as exclusively straight, white, thin, and young.

If our goal is to leave behind gender stereotypes, we also have to challenge our internalized idea of what womanhood looks like. A crucial step towards this goal is using visual media that represents the diversity of womanhood in terms of ethnicity, ability, gender expression and sexuality.

EyeEm is proud to curate powerful, authentic images of modern womanhood in all its wonderful variety. Here’s how we can help your brand demonstrate support for women’s equality in 2022 and beyond, with visual representation in genres usually dominated by men, and reimagining those typically associated with women.

Full length of woman weightlifting at gym

Below are three things to think about when selecting your imagery:

1. Sport and leisure


If you want to represent womanhood in a key area broadly dominated by men, think beyond the beatific (white) yogi, flexing on the beach in her matching LuLu Lemons.

Woman weightlifting in gym

Add some dynamism to your branding with images of women sweating it out, not only for health, but for pleasure. From serious athletes to joyful, sweaty amateurs. Looking for something more aesthetic? Think along the lines of this collection of a plus-size swimmer stretching in the sunshine.

2. Careers

Man looking at camera

We need to see more women in roles with power, prestige and a high pay grade - CEO, lead scientist, premier athlete – not just as the supportive assistant or deferential team member.

Happy male and female construction worker discussing together at site during sunny day

We also need to get past the white-collar girlboss stereotype and showcase women in valuable manual roles like carpentry or construction. In 2022, it shouldn’t be a novelty to see a woman in a role historically assigned to men. When we visualise women in these roles, we also open up to the reality that men – particularly straight, cis men - can be and need to be nurturing, loving and vulnerable.

3. Motherhood

Cheerful black mother and daughter at seaside

Queer, tattooed, dazed and confused… motherhood looks different on each parent, so why are we seeing the same images of smiling, well-slept young women in spotless homes? Redefine your idea of motherhood with EyeEm.

Portrait of playful mother and son against red fabric

It’s 2022, and there’s no excuse for boring visuals. Your brand imagery needs to be intersectional, inclusive, and incisive if you want to have genuine impact and get noticed.

We’re here to help. Contact us to find out how we can help you find the right visuals to help your brand boom.