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Curated, diverse wedding imagery collections to make your customers say “I do”

By Michelle Thomas - 3 min read

Weddings have moved beyond the meringue dress and the balloon arch. So why are you using the same tired stock images?

Love is for everyone, and it should be represented in all its magnificent diversity in ethnicity, ability, gender, sexuality, and in middle and senior age.

Getting this right when you choose wedding photography and visuals for your blogs or your branding and pitch decks, sends a message that you have values beyond making a profit.

What’s more, choosing compelling off-beat wedding images will give your brand the cutting edge to reach more customers and grow your business.

Let’s explore the key themes for wedding visuals in 2022, lovingly curated for you in our exclusive lightbox collections


Love isn’t only for the young – why not use an image of a beautiful senior couple for your campaign?

LGBTQIA+ representation

Most brands understand the importance of queer representation, but it’s still not seen often enough in stock imagery or brand visuals.

When you’re looking for visual media that reflects the LGBTQIA+ community, just remember that, just like heterosexual couples, not all queer couples are thin, young, and white.

Realistic weather

You can plan the menu, the flowers, the catering….but not the weather. Show your audience how your bride would style out an umbrella under an overcast sky, or when Alanis Morrisette’s lyrics materialise and the heavens open.

Joyful silliness

Blame (or thank) social media, but wedding photography is far more relaxed and casual than it used to be. Look out for images where the happy couples’ personalities shine through the formality of the event with a giggle or a kiss (or even a lick!).

Candid emotion

Don’t be afraid to tug at the viewers’ heart strings with some raw emotion - a bride overcome at the altar, or a groom in disbelief at the sight of his wife-to-be.

Children and family

Many couples don’t feel the need to wait until after they’re married to start a family, and some weddings include children from previous marriages on the guest list. Blended families are beautiful, and need more representation.


Alas, not the luxurious, cucumber kind. For some couples, the pandemic didn’t stop the party. Today, although mask mandates are less common, some people prefer to wear them to crowded events.

Finally… pets

Who doesn’t love a dog at a wedding?

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