Visual Communication

5 benefits of buying your visual marketing imagery from EyeEm

By Michelle Thomas - 3 min read

Stop using stale, same-old-same-old stock imagery.

Stop using stale, same-old-same-old stock imagery. If you need dazzling visual materials to make your ideas leap off the screen and sing, use EyeEm’s wealth of visuals that will elevate your creative work, grab your audiences’ attention, and open your customers’ wallets.

License images, or create your own! By joining EyeEm’s premium service, you can brief our world-class production team who will manage the shooting, producing and publishing of images bespoke to your needs, as well as having access to:

1. Unfiltered, unedited images showing Gen Z as their most real selves

This captivating image set by EyeEm for Reckitt & Durex beautifully shows off Gen Z’s unfiltered aesthetic of diverse bodies, free, playful sexuality, and a colour palette that ranges from sleazy neon to flamingo pink. No retouching. No professional models. No filters. Not quite right for your brief? No worries – sign up now for access to hundreds of beautifully off-beat, on-brand, stand-out visuals that will give your creative work the X factor.

2. Inclusive visuals that promote diversity and inclusion For too long, stock photography has been dominated by images of young, blonde, thin, white, heteronormative bodies. At EyeEm. we’re proud to actively work to change the landscape of visual media by making space for underrepresented communities at the front and centre of our work. Check out our latest collection of vibrant contemporary snaps that form an inclusive collective portrait of our global community.

3. Accurate predictions of every visual trend your audience will respond to

Want to give your brand a competitive edge and stay relevant? Of course you do. Every year our Visual Trends Report offers invaluable insights into the key visual elements that will raise the bar for your creative work for the year ahead and beyond. And that’s not all - this free download includes access to cutting-edge visual concepts that will spark inspiration in your creative team, for creative work that’s truly inspired.

4. The most talented photographers around the world, from one source

EyeEm is a world-wide community, connecting over 8 million of the most talented creatives with leading brands to create unique, original content. Our mission is simple – to offer world-class creative talent a platform to get discovered, and to offer brands access to the most powerful creative imagery in the world.

5. A 20% discount to keep your budgets in check!

As if all of the above weren’t enough, for a limited time only we’re offering a tantalising 20% off photo packs and subscriptions. Don’t need a fresh batch of pics just yet? You can still grab a bargain - buy our packs of 5, 10 or even 100 photo licenses now at 20% off, and redeem at any time over the next 12 months. Or get an annual subscription with the same delightful discount.

In the visually-driven social age, free stock images just don’t cut it any more. Find out more about how EyeEm can revitalise your brand identity, revolutionise the way you source visuals, and reach more customers by representing diverse perspectives from all over the world. Get in touch now.