Follow Friday: Colors!

By Severin - 3 min read

Welcome to your weekly dose of inspiration, today focusing on people who take beautiful color photographs.

by Aimee Blurss on EyeEm

People of EyeEm!

Welcome to your weekly dose of inspiration.

Today we focus on a special theme which is color photography. Aren’t colors great? They are, and that’s why we looked out for 5 shooters that take awesome color photos: @emmii from Sydney, Andrew from New Zealand, vesponti from New York, Tori Church from the land of dreams and Luke Krzysztofiak from Chicago.

Check out their inspiring work and follow them to get their photos directly in your Friends Feed.

Let’s take photos together. Enjoy your weekend!

1.@emmiifrom Sydney, Australia

2.Andrew B. Whitefrom Auckland, New Zealand

Low angle view of silhouette cityscape against cloudy sky during sunset
Lounge chairs by swimming pool

3.vespontifrom New York, USA

4.Tori Churchfrom a beautiful land

5.Luke Krzysztofiakfrom Chicago, USA