#EyeEmPaid: The 4 Top-Selling Photo Themes in June

By Brada - 5 min read

Picture editor Brada talks us through the photos that sold the most this month

Which photos sell best on EyeEm? There’s a question we hear a lot! My team of photo editors and I review every photo that sells. Each month, we identify the trending themes and share them with you. That way, you can get inspiration – and upload the photos to EyeEm that buyers are after!

Congratulations to everyone who sold (and sold and sold) this month! Scroll down to see four themes that sold especially well. Find a larger collection of this month’s top-sellers here. Then add photos to EyeEm Market to start selling yourself!

New Perspectives

Photos that capture things from a completely new angle are catching their eye of image buyers. And it’s no surprise! Brands and media outlets want to look to the future and change the way we see the world.

The photos below demonstrate the photographers’ own interpretations of the people, places and situations they’re capturing. The result? You can’t help but look twice.

Close-up of zebra mane

By Cüneyt

Rear view of pilot in airplane looking at city view through window

By Robert Hackel

Reflection of coconut palm tree against blue sky on swimming pool

By azu morales

Reflection of musician on trumpet

By [ x ]

Cropped image of person holding magnifying glass over purple flowers on table

By Kevin Darza

Everyday Moments

Happy everyday moments sell. This month’s image sales prove that buyers love unique fleeting moments and the beauty of life as we see it. All the more so when there’s a powerful emotional element!

Love these photos? Check out our curated collection of happy images.

Rear view of woman looking at ancient text on angkor wat wall

By Tangraphy

Midsection of woman holding gumballs with choice

By Silas

Rear view of woman sitting on bed against curtain

By fausto serafini


By Paul Harludo

Deer with hat relaxing in forest

By Nicholas Koh


Last month I highlighted just how well water photos have been selling on EyeEm. This month, it’s all about fire. Dynamic and powerful, fire images work with so many of the stories that brands are looking to tell.

See more photos just like these in our fire image collection.

Fire on water at night

By Biju Chandroth

By Norman Posselt

Close-up of sparks rising from barbecue grill

By Marius Jennert

By Jonathan Padley


By Damon Giannoccaro📷

Object Focus

Images that capture indistinct objects are popular – especially those of products and objects that we are constantly surrounded by. In every shape and form! These photos are versatile, giving buyers the flexibility they desire.

Reminder: Avoid capturing logos or designs if you’d like to sell with a commercial license. Failing that, be sure to get a release signed! This means more chances to sell, and more money when you do.

Market stall of ice creams on stick

By Lichtathleten


By Анастасия

Close-up of traditional woman wearing bead necklaces

By José Junior

Detail shot of gramophone

By .łоłë ッ* 🇯🇵

Illuminated decorations hanging from tree in yard at night

By Joey Esquivel

Explore our larger selection of this month’s bestselling photos and see which other photo trends you can spot! Don’t forget to say hi to the photographers who sold while you’re at it.

How does selling your own images sound? Pretty cool, right? We’ve got all you need to get inspired! Find photo-selling tips, how-to guides and interviews with top-selling photographers right here on the EyeEm blog.

Header image by@lichtathleten.