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Add Fuel to your Fire with Photography from EyeEm

There’s something universally mesmerizing about fire. Emitting light and heat, and acting as a warning and a danger, capturing the fierce flames of an inferno or the subtle flicker of a candle in a single snapshot is no mean feat. Thankfully, our highly skilled and creative community of EyeEm photographers all around the world are helping us to build the internet’s hottest collection of fire pictures. So if you’re looking to give your project a creative spark, look no further!

We here at EyeEm know how getting through to your audience can feel like walking on hot coals, and trying to grab their attention is like sending smoke signals, but don’t let your enthusiasm go up in flames. From candles to bonfires, fire-breathers to fireworks, light up your project with photography from EyeEm and find that one fire image to really turn up the heat!

From the confident control of a fire juggler leaving light trails in the dark night, to the red hot force of a destructive bush fire and the symbolism of igniting the Olympic flame, fire images have the power to make your project a rip-roaring success. Whether you’re working on eye-catching web ads to support a new venture, are looking to give your social media presence a spark of imagination, or require a fire photo with impact for a print piece, EyeEm’s unique collection of fire photography will light up your stock photo search.

Royalty-free, competitively priced and available to use time and time again, browsing and ordering stock photos has never been easier and, what’s more, our stock photos are crazier and more creative than the rest! Check out fire images at EyeEm today and make a statement!