26 “Perfect Match” Photos That Will Have You Looking Twice

By Cherrie - 6 min read

Sometimes it all just fits together perfectly! That was the theme behind this latest Mission with Bento.

Perfect Matchchallenged you to capture beautiful coincidences in everyday life, from matching patterns and shades to camouflage and optical illusions. With thousands of incredible submissions, this was a Mission bursting with shots that caught us off guard!

We’re delighted to reveal thatBento, Germany’s all-new millennial news site,picked26 EyeEm photostofeature on their site!

Congratulations to Mehmet Sarıtaş, Ramin Mazur, Syamwad Aswad, Melvin Anore, torsak panjasuparak, Rachel Chua, Bianca, Julia Guo, Kyal Smith, Amelia, ddnmmo, Artyt Lerdrakmongkol, Duaa, Jana, Rafael, Mirko Arganese, Mubariz Khan, Shenq-Yuan Wang, Cláudio Santos, yinyin, Kirk Tang, George Cristescu, Jonas Hafner, Alexey Sulima and Jill Williams!

Keep scrolling to check out the 26 perfect matches!


By Jill Williams

Rear view of woman wearing hooded shirt touching hole on door

By Jana

Dogs relaxing on building terrace

By Alexey Sulima

one person

By Jonas Hafner

public transportation

By George Cristescu


By Kirk Tang


By Shenq-Yuan Wang

Close-up of hand holding drink

By yinyin


By Cláudio Santos

looking at camera

By Mehmet Sarıtaş

Low section of woman sitting on pier over sea

By ddnmmo

one person

By Mirko Arganese

Rear view of woman wearing salwar kameez amidst trees in forest

By Mubariz Khan


By Rafael

Midsection of woman holding grapefruit juice glass against white background

By Duaa

three quarter length

By Ramin Mazur

real people

By Artyt Lerdrakmongkol

one animal

By Syamwad Aswad

green color

By Melvin Anore

looking at camera

By Rachel Chua

one person

By torsak panjasuparak


By Bianca


By Julia Guo

Close-up of frog on tree trunk

By Kyal Smith


By Amelia

Rear view of person standing under umbrella at amusement park

By Artyt Lerdrakmongkol

About Bento: Bento is the new millennial news site by Spiegel Online, one of Germany’s most popular online news outlets.

Don’t forget to check out the article on Bento! A huge thank you goes out to all those who entered a photo to this Mission – and congratulations again to the winners.

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