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20 Breathtaking Images From Red Bull Illume's Winning Collection

By EyeEm Team - 2 min read

Win The 2019 EyeEm Award's 'The Great Outdoors' and automatically become a Red Bull Illume Finalist! Here's our team's highlights from the past twelve years of Red Bull Illume submissions, each one will give you the kick start you need to capture your next adventure.

Action can be found on the edge of your comfort zone, when the next step may be the hardest to take. It can also be found in moments of contemplation, self-determination or team spirit. Red Bull Illume has been capturing these moments since 2007.

Our team put together their higlights from Red Bull Illume’s past submissions to challenge you to continue to push the boundaries of visual exploration and win the chance to be crowned EyeEm Awards winner and Red Bull Illume Finalist!

With The EyeEm Awards off to a record breaking start, we are thrilled to be partnering with the greatest adventure and action sports imagary contest for ‘The Great Outdoors’ this year. You can find out more about the partnership here.

Thinking of entering ‘The Great Outdoors’? These 20 images remind us that there really are no limits when it comes to photography.

‘Wings’ Finalist 2016, © Micky Wiswedel

‘Best of Instagram’ 2019 Finalist © Dasha Nosova

‘Best of Instagram’ Finalist 2019 © Fabien Maierhofer

‘Spirit’ Finalist 2016, © Dean Treml

‘Lifestyle’ Finalist 2016 © Claudio Casanova

‘Spirit’ Finalist 2016 © Greg Mionske

‘Lifestyle’ Finalist 2016, © Jody MacDonald

‘New Creativity’ Finalist 2016, © Ale Di Lullo

‘Playground’ Finalist 2016, © Lorenz Holder

‘Best of Instagram’ Finalist 2019 © Baptiste Fauchille

‘Sequence’ Finalist 2016 © Daniel Vojtěch

‘Energy’ Finalist 2016 © Sterling Lorence

‘Lifestyle’ Finalist 2013 © Morgan Maassen

‘Playground’ Finalist 2016 © Daniel Deak Bardos

‘Illumination’ Finalist 2013 © Scott Serfas

‘Wings’ Finalist 2016 © Andrew White

Overall Winner 2010 © Chris Burkard

‘Masterpiece’ Finalist 2016 © Daniel Roos

‘Energy’ Finalist 2016 © Luke Shadbolt

‘Sequence’ Finalist 2013 © Zakary Noyle

Enter your unique landscape photography and action shots for your chance to become an EyeEm Awards Winner and Red Bull Illume Finalist here!

Want to know more about our partnership with Red Bull Illume? Read our recent feature that will tell you everything you need to know here.