The Portraitist

The Portraitist

Have you ever seen an image of a person and instantly wanted to be their friend? Or maybe you simply wanted to know their story. Great portrait photography can evoke emotions and feelings in us about people we’ve never met. This category challenged you to share human connection with us. Make us feel curiosity, wonder, friendship, love or empathy with a person in an image.

Emrah Uygun

Gear: Nikon D810 Camera with Nikon 50mm 1.4G objective
Location: Varanasi, India

I had never met anyone with vitiligo before. I didn't know this disease existed. When I met this man in Varanasi, India, I asked him about the blemishes on his skin.
I like take portraits of people who have tattoos, freckles, birthmarks or spots because it seems to me more colorful and mystical.

Mohamad Aiman Syahmi bin Jamaluddin

Gear: Canon EOS 550D
Location: George Town, Malaysia

The story behind this image is all about fashion. I always wanted to be a fashion photographer. This model's confidence brings the image to life.

Emilija Milušauskaitė

Gear: Nikon F5
Location: London, UK

One of the beautiful things about photography is that it has the potential to capture authentic human moments even under very deliberate circumstances. Observing people’s ever-changing expressions is a study I often find myself lost in. This photo is a moment of levity.  I shot this portrait of Jen whilst we were waiting for an outfit change.

Georgina Abreu

Gear: Nikon D600
Location: Falmouth, Cornwall

This photograph is part of a series entitled ‘Um-do-li-tá’ and is related to childhood. Who are we and who were we? Looking back is something people often do when they are in a position in life where they are not really pleased with. Remembering moments of the past which brought them happiness can be perceived as an escape or a way of wanting to experience those feelings again. Through this photograph, I aim to embrace the pureness of the being, by representing childhood and the blissful ignorance of simpler times.

Jan Tong

Gear: Sony A7R3
Location: Hong Kong

"#children born not of light but of shadow

Inhabitants seemingly gilded in gold call this city home. Once vibrant, energetic and widely known around the world has now fallen into decay. Children born into this fading glory inescapably had their golden shell stripped. Yet one’s true self can only be seen by the world when one is not shielded by a suit of armor.

Turns out, this city is still achingly beautiful."

Kate Phellini

Gear: Canon 5D Mark III + Canon EF 50mm f/1.4
Location: Warsaw, Poland

The image you see here is a part of a photographic series I am currently engaged in. Its working title is “Subtle Eroticism” and in this project I continue to explore the matters of human sexuality, sensuality and non-verbal communication. I want people to be seen, to be heard, to be acknowledged. To wipe out everything but the essence that I fall in love with so frequently.  

This shoot was no exception. I still remember the awe I felt talking and observing Polina's delicacy and natural sophistication in every slight movement or apt remarks. In this image I recall ancient Greek sculptures, seemingly fragile though solid in nature, which would be the most accurate description of how I saw her that day.

Katerina Mavrodi

Gear: Canon EOS 600D
Location: Russia, Moscow, Redhook studio

I thought it would be quite interesting to show the visual component by combination of the Victorian Age style and elements of the Art Nouveau style. The first emotion caused by this shot is the most important one. The woman in this shot has a very interesting character and it is not easy to define her gender from the very beginning - that is why this shot is called "Unintended."

Laura Callsen

Gear: Nikon D7000
Location: Goslar, Germany

With this picture I tried to tell a story about two people who are bound together. Living in symbiosis as long as everything's balanced. One person carrying and protecting the other, while knowing how fragile this equilibrium can be. The title of this image is "The Sisters". The Models are: Michelle Hartl (Left) and Michelle September (Right).

Matt Lief Anderson

Gear: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Location: USA

Alexey Dulin

Gear: Fujifilm XT-2
Location: Minsk, Belarus

With the help of photos - a person can express his emotions and thoughts. When I took this, I  wanted to show that art, people and photography are all connected!

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