Something unique happens when we reach the edge of our comfort zone. Capturing athletes, adventurers, and awe-inspiring landscapes demanded photographers to rise to the same challenges as the subjects themselves. Our winners were themselves thrill seekers and adventures, showing us the extreme moments which occur when humans collide with the natural world.

The Great Outdoors was sponsored by Red Bull Illume.

Category Winners

  • 1st: €1,000 + Fjorden x EyeEm Professional Smartphone Camera Grip
  • Automatically crowned a Finalist in Red Bull Illume’s ‘Image Quest 2021’, get exhibited worldwide, and get the chance to become one of their grand prize winners.
  • 2nd: €500
  • 3rd: €250

All Finalists

  • Exhibited at The EyeEm Awards Exhibition in Berlin  
  • Announced at The EyeEm Awards Ceremony at Berlin Photo Week 2021
  • Published in The EyeEm Magazine
  • Showcased in our 12-month virtual EyeEm Awards Exhibition

Grand Prize Winner

Song Gang

We came across the ocean to see the giant oceanic manta rays, the largest type of ray in the world. They can grow up to 7 meters, with a weight of about 3000kg. However they are always graceful, like an elegant dancer in the water. Sometimes they would like to dance with each other, and sometimes come to divers and play with the bubbles. This time the giant swam to freediver Aolin, dancing with him. I captured this magical moment.

Second Place Winner

Adriàn Pujolàs

The daring of the athletes against the breathtaking backdrop of the Dolomites and its stone pillars just made this monochrome shot irresistible.

Third Place Winner

Stefan Kürzinger

The picture was taken during a tour at sunrise. The Sylvenstein lake is a reservoir that often carries a lot of fog with it, especially at the beginning of the day. If the fishermen go on to the first light of day on the lake, the moment is just beautiful and absolutely magical! Who would not press the shutter release of their camera?

Category Finalists

Andrius Aleksandravičius

Denis Lubsanov

Gaile Juknyte

Hafsteinn Karlsson

Mario Widmer

Martin Gstoehl

Rachen Buosa