The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors celebrates the beautiful vistas, diverse wildlife and adventure that make our planet so unique. From snow capped mountains and jaw dropping landscapes, to city streets at dawn and fascinating underwater worlds, show us what makes the outdoors great.

Oliver Byunggyu Woo

Gear: DJI Mavic Pro
Location: Grunewald Forest, Berlin

I have been trying to make drone portraits, in which the models are resting alone nature, but the drone (like a big brother) always finds you wherever you are - in the forest, in the desert, on the riverside, or anwyhere. This photo could be interpreted in different ways. He's resting in the forest, or he could be lost in the deep forest, and he's found from a small hole among the trees, like a hope, or like a savior.

Flávio Martins da Cruz

Gear: Canon PowerShot A530
Location: Pico da Bandeira, Caparaó National Park, Brazil

Sunrise in the mountains. Pico da Bandeira is the third highest peak of Brazil, 2,892m tall. This photo was captured at 6:46 am and it was so cold that my fingers were slow to take pictures. A few hours earlier it was possible to identify the milky way to the naked eye. Magical place.

Noel Dong

Gear: DJI Mavic Pro
Location: Pink Salt Lake outside of Dimboola, Victoria, Australia.

Dimboola is a tiny town about 4 hours drive from Melbourne - essentially in the middle of nowhere. Outside of the middle of nowhere, however, is a salt lake made a brilliant pink from pigment secreted by microscopic algae. With the recent addition of a drone to my photographic arsenal, I made sure we made it out there to capture this naturally occurring phenomenon from the sky.

Based on some research, I found out the pink color was more intense during the middle of the day when the sun was up high, and just after rain.

Hoong Qi Hao

Gear: Sony A7II
Location: Hakone, Japan

We traveled across Lake Ashi, got in a cable car, just as the sun started to go down. As we passed by Hakone's Hell's Valley, the sky exploded, the whole family feasted on the epic sunset. The timing couldn't be any better. Truly an amazing experience!

Stephen Ashton

Gear: Fujifilm XT20
Location: My back garden in Middlesbrough, England

This photograph was taken earlier in the summer, when my daughter was playing with our dog, Oscar, on the grass and was laying down recovering from him jumping on her and licking her face. It was late in the day and the sun was quite low when I noticed that my daughter's hair was shining beautifully in the light, almost with a golden glow to it. I quickly grabbed my camera and took the shot, without thinking of exposure or other settings. It was a simple, spontaneous moment and an image which reminds me of a playful, fun time with my family.

Matt Horspool

Gear: DJI Mavic Pro Platinum
Location: Lake Buyan, Bali

On our first day cruising around Bali on our scooter, I had noticed this odd looking geometric structure floating in the middle of a large lake and knew that it would look unique from the air. I had never seen anything quite like it and decided to venture back here with the drone during sunset to give the shot some depth.

As the drone neared the structure, I could see a lone man paddling out to it and realized it was set up for fishing. I decided to hover above at a safe distance and see what he was doing. He began walking around each square, checking the fish before moving onto the next. Eventually, he went back to his hut, pulled out a fishing line and cast it into the lake.

I saw an ancient way of life, fragile and untouched by technology and a different side of Bali away from the beaches, waterfalls and nightclubs. It reminded me that there are many amazing hidden gems like this, you just have to be willing to look a little closer, drive a little further and think a little different. It also reminded me that the ideology of 'the great outdoors' doesn't necessarily have to be enormous mountain ranges 1000's of km away from civilization. It can be encapsulated as a beautiful place in the outdoors that encompasses greatness.

Julia Harris

Gear: Canon EOS 77D
Location: In my backyard in Whitby, Canada

Since moving back home to my mom's house in the country from Toronto, the one thing I enjoy is watching all the wildlife that comes through our backyard. We see cats, bunnies, possums, raccoons, dragonflies, hummingbirds, etc. I've trained the bunnies to come when I call them and I hand feed them, although my family jokes that the bunnies have trained me! I also like to watch the Cardinals feed each other. In this particular photo, the male cardinal is feeding his baby female cardinal. I was lucky enough to get a shot of them without the tree branches in the way.

Dirk Hoffmann

Gear: Nikon D500
Location: Top of the Dune de Pilat, Pylat-sur-Mer

We all are small and not so important as we might think we are.

Michael Schauer

Gear: DJI Mavic Pro
Location: Hauganes, Iceland / Styggevatnet, Norway

This series sets out to tell the story of one of man's last frontiers: The polar regions. Ships, specially equipped with hardened bows, are cutting through surreal formations of ice to get to the most remote of places to satisfy the human need of exploration and knowledge. Up north, scientists will drill for so-called "ice cores" which are sediments of layers upon layers of ice. Contained in these sediments lies the air of hundreds of thousands of years, telling us how the climate and the atmosphere at a particular time in the past have been. It has been found out that only a few hundred years ago carbon dioxide levels in the air that we are breathing have been drastically different than today, providing undeniable proof of climate change, our generations greatest issue which is still denied by some.

Albeit this image is "not real" the story is and it is one that needs to be told in striking and powerful imagery.
In creating an image that is memorable and, literally, out of this world, using the means aerial photography and Photoshop provide us with, this particular image can be seen as an antithesis to photography out of a documentary standpoint – showing something that seems to be something more, more real maybe, than reality itself.

Yin Jiang

Gear: SONY RX100
Location: Jökulsárlón/ Diamond Beach, Iceland

On the black-sand beach on the South Coast of Iceland, there are many scattered icebergs that shine like diamonds.  Because of climate change, the icebergs detach from the glacier all year long.  And the lagoon does not freeze so they escape and land on the black sand beach. Sometimes they are small and sparse, sometimes they are everywhere. All kinds of travellers from around the world weave in and out through icebergs, which forms a lot of interesting and accidental moments. This picture is one of them. I captured this moment when I hid behind one of the huge icebergs. From my point of view, it's like a conversation between man and nature.

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