We joined forces with WhiteWall to explore how photography could take us beyond the four walls. Winners for The Architect succeeded in constructing depictions of life within the built environment and visualizing how we interact with architecture in innovative ways. The photos display diverse perspectives on space and structure.

Category Winners

  • 1st: €1,000 + Fjorden x EyeEm Professional Smartphone Camera Grip
  • 2nd: €500
  • 3rd: €250

All Finalists

  • Exhibited at The EyeEm Awards Exhibition in Berlin  
  • Announced at The EyeEm Awards Ceremony at Berlin Photo Week 2021
  • Published in The EyeEm Magazine
  • Showcased in our 12-month virtual EyeEm Awards Exhibition

Grand Prize Winner

George Kroustallis

Architecture and fashion are sisters. We defend that idea, and create a story in a powerful location to draw clear parallels between the two disciplines, exploring interesting shapes, displayed structure, forms, and emphasis on materials. The tower in the location acts as a metaphor for our common history, our present and our future—a powerful sculpture as a trace of memory in a desecrated landscape that is transforming into an idyllic lake landscape. A landscape where fashion and architecture will keep growing together, more interconnected than ever.

Second Place Winner

Eva Tsai

Third Place Winner

Honda Yoshiko

Category Finalists

Fajar Tri Wahyudi

Kilo Swaqq

Maria Szymczyk

Nika Pailodze

Piotr Zemlak

Sotiris Bougas

Vitaly Tyuk