The Architect

The Architect

Over the next 10 years, 18 billion sq meters of space will be designed by architects to shelter 1.5 billion people. For this category, we wanted to see the beauty of architecture and spaces, the lines, shapes, and angles that make architecture so photogenic.

Ivo Blackwood

Gear: Canon EOS 750D
Location: The National Theatre, Southbank

I've heard many people say that the National Theatre is an eyesore, that it's ugly and out of place - I completely disagree. It made me want to capture the beauty of it through means of photography, and show all the incredible components of it in one image.

Simone Hutsch

Gear: Canon 7D
Location: Vauxhall Station, London

Every building in my pictures has surreal touch. In a retouching process I sometimes create a completely new building like I did it with this one. The initial building is small and it looks like it's an extension of the air condition system for the London underground system, very unspectacular and in the middle of the pavement. But the geometry inspired me and I gave it a fresh color combination, duplicated and stacked it. It's part of my RND series where I photograph minimal geometric architecture in Berlin and London with a clear blue sky. Most of my work I share on Instagram. Giving people access to my work or inspiring them makes me more than happy.


Gear: Canon 760D
Location: Brno, Czech Republic

This photo was taken during my Erasmus year in Brno, Czech Republic. One day as I was going to my student dormitory, I saw that bus stop and I thought about how it would look in a photo. One night I went there with a friend, we spent about half an hour until I managed to take the final shot.

Junji Kasaya

Location: Okinawa, Japan

In June, we traveled from Tokyo to Miyako island in Okinawa and took a car from the island to Irabu island passing the big bridge. Though it was the rainy season in Okinawa, the weather on that day was unbelievably clear. When we arrived at Makiyama observatory in the island, we saw the sun peaking out from the big summer clouds. From the observatory, we had a great view of the big bridge between Irabu island and Miyako island and the beautiful sea. I was captivated more after we climbed up the front stair to the top of the observatory. I didn't have any words to describe the beauty of contrast between shabby concrete pillars eroded by the sea breeze and the blue light from the front window.

A strong sea breeze passed by as my wife stood beside the window. While my new born son was in my arms, I took pictures of my wife holding her flattered hat and the wonderful building together.

Anne Østerby

Gear: Olympus E1 MarkII
Location: The MAAT Museum in Lisbon, Portugal

I’ve seen so many beautiful pics of the MAAT Museum and when we arrived there were so many people and I really struggled with the angles of the building and getting a clean shot. In the end, my husband wanted to see the beautiful roof of the building. The minute he went up there was a gap and I could finally take a picture where the architecture was visible. When I travel with my husband I usually use him as the tiny peep in my shot, but he was on the roof of the building, luckily a woman sat down just where I wanted my husband to sit. I think architectural photography is about being patient and a little bit lucky, that day I was both.

Mike Chan

Location: Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

The stairs in this old building are very special. Rarely seen in Hong Kong. I have taken a wide-angle scene. This time I came to take a close-up view.

Ngoc Van Anh Nguyen

Gear: Olympus E-PL 7
Location: Hong Kong

Hong Kong, known as the never sleeping city and pastel colored basketball courts. In Hong Kong it is easy to find one typical basketball court which is super famous among photographers and tourists. I wanted to shoot something new and unique and not only the famous basketball court. So my friends took me to another pastel basketball court, which were mostly painted in pink. The place was unique because the residence building were also colored in pink (background), thats the reason why I call that basketball court "The Pinky Promise Place."

Rafel Rosselló

Gear: Sony Alpha 6000
Location: New York City, USA

While walking along the streets of NYC, the similiarity of the colors of the buildings and the clothes the man was wearing caught my eye. The pattern of the clothes in contrast with the regularity of the buildings gave it all certain volume and sense of perspective.

Napon Thiphayamontol

Gear: Nikon D750
Location: Fort Canning Park, Singapore

This place is really famous by the spiral staircase with the view of green leaves, and there are a lot of people waiting to taking photos there.  I was walking out and turned around to see the spiral. On that day the lighting down to the stairs looked interesting. With sunlight at the stair and wall detail around me that was dark, made this photo contrast.

Richard Gray

Gear: Sony Alpha A9
Location: The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, USA

When leaving the East Building of the National Gallery of Art in Washington toward the end of the day, I came face to face with the West Building basking in some beautiful golden-hour light. I composed the image to eliminate distractions to the eye and give the image balanced proportions. I retouched the image to bring some of the building's texture detail from the shadows.

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