Mobile photography requires perseverance, creative confidence, and risk-taking in the face of limitations. Over a decade after we launched one of Berlin’s first mobile photography exhibitions, it remains at the core of EyeEm.

This Best Mobile Photo Award reminds us that a photographic eye is more important than the gear that happens to be at hand. Having produced striking images with their smartphones, our finalists are evidence that the core principles of photography will prevail as camera technology continues to evolve.

Category Winners

  • 1st: €1,000 + Fjorden xEyeEm Professional Smartphone Camera Grip
  • 2nd: €500 + Fjorden xEyeEm Professional Smartphone Camera Grip
  • 3rd: €250 + Fjorden xEyeEm Professional Smartphone Camera Grip

All Finalists

  • Exhibited at The EyeEm Awards Exhibition in Berlin  
  • Announced at The EyeEm Awards Ceremony at Berlin Photo Week 2021
  • Published in The EyeEm Magazine
  • Showcased in our 12-month virtual EyeEm Awards Exhibition

Grand Prize Winner

Alexandra Ekdahl

On a walk in the forest, I took a series of portraits of my wonderful daughter.

Second Place Winner

Dina Abu Mayyaleh

I don't think a lot before shooting because I let my imagination and feelings do the job. The story behind this photo was to love our bodies and don't feel ashamed. The paper covering the body cannot change who we are, and when the night comes, we will only have our little bodies to hug our hearts and souls.

Third Place Winner

Zuka Kotrikadze

Georgia has several seaside cities. And if you are in western Georgia - you are never far from the sea. This is Batumi and this is a photo from one morning walk. The short story of a summer morning created by a girl and the sea in a minimalist distribution with light, pastel tones.

Category Finalists

John Aeron Caiga

Jot Chand Singh

Khaled Abouamin

Ruslan Ivanov

Stanislav Sitnikov

Tinatin Jabanashvili

Yaroslav Panyukov