Zeus Mondego


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Life on the Run ?
?????? Yea .... I guess it has to go ??
Why is my facial hair so damn silky smooth .... ? What side of the family is that from Lord ?
??Don't Ask No Damn Questions??
Yall females need to get with the program ? ....
Oh My Pleasure ??? Ohh Hold That ....
? Yes Lawd .... All I ask of theeee ?
Ohhh Here it goes Ahhhh ??? .... I'm sorry Sugga I got Caught up in the feeling ?? lol
Sooo this is what ViV Nat and Stacy is trying to do Mostly ViV ??? Dead
I am that person lol ?????
Im on it C4L ( Creeps for Life ) .... Well Helloooooo Little one are you lost .... I'm here ?? LoL ????
?? Some of these Females posting for Looking likes ?? Don't call me thirsty B**** cause I'm way more hydrated than you ....
The Creep within me is strong My Dear ?
??? My Sisters .... nothing I can say but they Are the best ☺ .... No picture is Safe when I'm around ??? Creep4Life C4l
Top of the Morning to Ya!!! .... To all the Ladies who says my Voice makes them moist there only one choice ? * Isaac Hayes Voice * .... Men don't think the job is done .... My Nigga keep going there time for another ????
? Phone back on & IDK how to act ?
?? Yes Dear ??
????? Niggaz & Bitches get use to it
After that Johnny Phantom Time ?
I Definitely don't believe in hitting a Woman .... But Best believe I'm dislocating that Back Bone ????
Breakfast is an essential part of His or Her waking moments ????
? For all you thirsty Niggaz who need to be well Hydrated ?
Jaaaaa ?
? Idon't think I like this Job ?
Under every weave there is a Origin Story ? .... Imma just start asking Questions ? " What that scalp look like ? " ?
? We all experience it don't front .... Then you find out that Nigga or Female is a Lame, Lazy & whack in Bed .... Keep it ?
For all my Niggaz out there with a female that does Nam One of these .... My Nigga Get you a Weekend Woman ????
Ain't that the truth ???
Team Light skin ?????
No picture is safe when the Creeps come through ???
People think that they are safe to take Pictures ? ??? * NOPE !!!! *
Another 40 Wings
Daddy is home :) I'm hungry :(
Uh HuH Yes Lawd 0_o
Where Is My Ride Or Die -_- !!!!
Yes Lawd !!!!
0_o .... Ha !!!! Please never will I ever rub feet -_-
Everyone needs a Crazy Chick and A Crazy Nigga in their life :) ....
Good Morning Breakfast .... It seems like men will settle for anything lol No meeee
-_- The Story Of My Life -_- FRIENDZONE4LIFE
Let the Attacks begin ....
TIME MACHINE FRIDAY 0_o ^^ That nigga too shy ^^
Am I eating too much ? :( .... Cause I'm still hungry :(
*sigh* Ok I must say that I'm now hooked :( .... On this crap :(
Yea I know it's gone :( Long day
Aww man Look what I found :) .... P4 Till the Got Damn End :'(