Erika Boyd ☺


always remember, God is #1! go ahead & follow me, you won't regret. ~life always offers you a second choice. it's called tomorrow~ 1/21/13<3
ya girl is happy & has the best boyfriend ever
chillin' with no makeup on.
in daaa car!
Titans game earlier with Kavin
i get that people are going to talk behind your back, but i'm real and that's something they lack.
my eyes
"you don't like me? well, i want you to walk around, and look for... a fuck for me to give. ~ original from yours truly.
looking India ratch but Opryland
hello #ratchetcentral.
oh, haaay.
someone text me..
i get bored. ok
oh, hi there.
bored. gonna blow up EyeEm.
got my hair done.
the other night. #teamnomakeup
swag. the other night!
me and Jazmyn last night! love her
before the game.... red eye flow?
game! ✌
hi there.