Marie Ynna ♥


CPA to be | February | 18 | Sweets ♥
Lovin my smile ;) Selfie Portrait
Portrait Selfie People Me
wrinkles. ew! Portrait Selfie That's Me
Earrings Earpiercing
he Portrait Self Portrait Selfie
I'm a starter ;) Nature Flower Clouds
JCo-ing ♥ Foodporn Snack Doughnuts
Don't know how to do that pouty lips. Am I spelling that right? Selfportrait That's Me Portrait
Selfportrait That's Me
Who you? selfportrait eyeem
what is wrong with you?
Tokyo Tokyo Foodporn Teriyaki
side view ;) Selfportrait Mockingjaypart1 Earrings
Selfportrait Blackandwhite
Well, my earrings is ready ;) Mockingjaypart1
Shatter me ♥ Books
kfc xD Foodporn Fries Krushers
Selfportrait Blackandwhite
ain't got an eye for photography. Street Photography House
Selfie xD
Hello koko krunch xD Foodporn Kokokrunch Inmymouf
blur Blackandwhite
Home from G Mall , Ateneo Davao & SM City ;) Foodporn ChurrosCity
Foodporn icecream every other day ♥
hihi :)
my place for 4 months I guess ;)
Well :)
testing how this works . First Eyeem Photo