And the kid swore he wasn't tired. ;)
Could these two be any more adorable?
Went for a run. Camera app isn't a big fan of action shots.
On a run.
Shadows of geekiness.
Forget wearing red to Target. I always seem to wear green to Fresh & Easy. #dorkypicofme
Drizzly morning.
These glasses are so obnoxious, I'm having a hard time not buying them.
Added new decals to my car window.
And post-trim. It's a little more teal. Not quite as blue as it looks in this pic
Pre cut. Also, I like my make-up today.
Time to rock the teal again.
Outfit of the day. Love this jacket.
Roby and me.
Napkin Doodle. Jasmine.
Look what I found on the inside of the Little Kidlet's fedora. (I bought this particular one)
Look what I got back! How I have missed it.
Today's outfit. I have no idea whose hand print is on that mirror.
A horrible picture of some really delicious pie.
Me, today.
Waiting to go on Star Tours.
It's a wampa hat sort of morning.
The rain is here!
Twenty cranes down, eighty to go. Origami
It's warm enough that I'm not hiding my Dalek socks under jeans.
Another drawing from today. One of my chars from a Star Wars RPG I used to play.
Notebook doodle of Mara from TRON: UPRISING
Look what came in the mail. My Ramona wig. Do I trim or keep as is?
I love these windows!
Hanging Out
Walking after the rain. The air us so crisp and clean.
Champions Of The World
It's racing day! It's racing day!
While the kids aren't staying the night in Anaheim with us, my BIL brought the kidlets down here for a night of fun so that we can all see Cars Land at night.
During a break in my haircut I realized I was almost rocking Paige's hair from Tron: Uprising. Someday.
Yes, that's a gallon of Tabasco. Habanero, to be precise. Couldn't sup laughing when we opened that box.
I really like this hood. As in the one on my jacket. Yo.
Cars Land at night is AMAZING
Going On A Boat Ride
A knight plays Lego LOTR. As they do.
As bundled up as I can get.
We've got our Starbucks. Time to go to the Happiest Place on Earth.
My little gamers.
The drinking and driving warnings in AZ. Drive hammered, get nailed.
Picacho Peak in AZ. A sure sign we're heading home.