Went for a run. Camera app isn't a big fan of action shots.
Forget wearing red to Target. I always seem to wear green to Fresh & Easy. #dorkypicofme
Added new decals to my car window.
Time to rock the teal again.
Napkin Doodle. Jasmine.
Today's outfit. I have no idea whose hand print is on that mirror.
And the kid swore he wasn't tired. ;)
On a run.
Drizzly morning.
And post-trim. It's a little more teal. Not quite as blue as it looks in this pic
Outfit of the day. Love this jacket.
Look what I found on the inside of the Little Kidlet's fedora. (I bought this particular one)
A horrible picture of some really delicious pie.
Could these two be any more adorable?
Shadows of geekiness.
These glasses are so obnoxious, I'm having a hard time not buying them.
Pre cut. Also, I like my make-up today.
Roby and me.
Look what I got back! How I have missed it.