Whitney Thomas


I really don't like pictures, but they're the best way to express life, so I keep snapping and keep going.
Hanging Out
Vera Bradley Outlet Sale
Us two? Daaaaang!
How amazing!
My new favorite tea. I'm in heaven!
Best. Compliment. Ever.
I love this view from my kitchen window ❄
Honey and hot tea....this is officially the most perfect way to fall asleep
Ahhhh Starbucks!
How About No
The dress store in Vincennes is so pretty!
My little fishy in his rental tank
I'm obsessed with roses
Riley made my whole day. How precious
My Valentines Day sweets ❤
My beautiful birthday roses, I love when they wilt
My Valentines present!
We're pretty legit ☺
I love my 'ill bro more than anything else...most of the time...
Oh how bored I am
This is my ginormous cake!
This has been my birthday, I'm so blessed!
Soo....Baja Blast Freeze is my new addiction
Finding these in my car this morning
My birthday cupcakes
Spaghetti Is Ready