Sam Paredes


First Eyeem Photo
Decided to be cute today!!!
This is over cool!
This was a good to see @omandm and @bmthofficial and many other bands tht I love...
Lp of sempiternal
My baby Eli a.k.a 'Calico'
Beautiful and quiet.
Kit Kats are awesome!!!! Ok...I feel weird...oh well :{)
People I swear!...
I just thought of Oliver Sykes. Who did u think of??
I love pon and zi!!!!!
I would totally go to this school!
No need for an explanation...
I'm still sad though.
Where's the rain when u need it!
Parents suck :( at least I have my music :)
Say hello to my baby cousin!! It's a boy!! Any names??
Fuck Make-up!
The feels are back ;(
I would probably do this... :)
I would love to go to tht school :)
Pretty awesome by Jose
Thts happened to me :)
Haha :)
This is Nala she is a stray cat that my family is feeding and I want to give her a home. °She's no older than 3...maybe °It's a girl °All white °Green/Crystal clear eyes °She's very cuddly and likes to be petted °She is potty trained °she needs a bath hehe xD If you want Nala u can contact me at And she's for free but she has to go to a good loving home and I won't just give her to anyone she's like a part of the family but I can't take her in bec I already have 2 so there she is :)
I would so do this!
Seether-Weak <3
The "D"
Onions man onions!!
Just speechless :)
This is so me... :)
Beautiful By Jhon
Thts ME!! Happy MONDAY!!! `notice my sarcasm` :)
My O.C.D. is kicking in!!
Haha this is me <3
Such a beautiful view for such a sad place... San Bernadine Hospital