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Drunk blackjack is the only way to make money! 26HoursNoSleep BarelyEven WorstBlackJackPlayerEverrrr @fsuposca
On our way to Vegas....should have read the label before i ate it @fsuposca AlienFood AlienJerky AlienProbed CheapColonic
The tripod is reunited! CaliBoyz 2ndbase WeThemBoyz DrunkLife TheStruggleIsReal
Second breakfast...what do you know about mac n' cheese chips! Dietfail ShitBetterBeGood SoCanada DrunkMeal
Hanging out with the lil ones! TinyNiece FamilyBbq
Part 2 of the poutine experiment! Breakfast of champions Poutine Highwayrestaurant Hangovercure DuBonMiamMiam
Finally had my first poutine in over 2 years! BennyBbq Poutine KebFood Deliciousness
Last taste of America before i fly out! Roscoes Hopeiwontmissmyflight Chickenandwaffles
1 against 1000....rooting for LA BELGIQUE to win.....French4ever AboutTo GetABeatDown ObviousBet AmericanOMG......:( ThatsCute
Old skool nite Nbajam Snes @coolio0079 @robfacekillah
that single barrell Jack Daniel made Outkask the best show of 2014 so far.....i feel bad if you weren't here Suckstobeyou  Betexperience Jackdanielissues Strugglife @coolio0079 @robfacekillah
BET concert at soon as djkhaled shuts tge fuck up it shoukd be good! OutKast Rickross Asap @robfacekillah @coolio0079
Beard team six heading out to XS Encore Vegas  Partyallnight  LimoVStaxi DavidGuetta WeOnOne
Ready for a quick 24h trip to Vegas!@robfacekillah
The only way to end this day! CrownRoyalXR @fsuposca @robfacekillah
Sunday funday! PoscaCompound CaliLife Welcometothegoodlife
Post armin van buten show in Inglewood...Inglewood always up to no good! Time for a lil jermosa beach action! LimoLife TurntDownForWhat @fsuposca @robfacekillah @@noelle_young
Pit stop on the armin von buren show! Someone just got pimp slaped for taking a break! @robfacekillah @fsuposca
We just pimped the balcony for the Clippers game! Recognize anything familiar @noelle_young RedNeckLivingRoom GitHerDone @robfacekillah @fsuposca @brand_oso @jfillet @coolio0079
One of my tiny cousins back in Morocco....still jetlagged from that trip! DifferentLife NeedToGoBackSoon Relaxingplace Morocco Oujda
Turkey was fun...time to go home....only 14 hours away LongestFlight
Heading back to the my Uber waiting for me. Best rates ever!! Let the 40 hours of travelling start again. Next stop, Casablanca! Cleanenergy GoodMPG
Little detour by the beach in Oujda, Morocco. Coldestwaterever
Not gonna lie...turkish airline hooked me up with a pretty sweet hotel considering...if you get pasded the metal detector and the 40$ drinks for a double jameson&coke...Fatjoe Istanbul NoMoneyMoProblems NotSoTurkishAfterall TurntDownImmediately
Perfect depiction of being up for 36-48hours straight...i lost count with all that traveling...regardeless, never come to Istambul without a bank roll, makes Las Vegas look like good day in Reno . Liras ? HowMuchForThat ..Anything FlagrantTouristProblem 2 .5KDownTheDrainForWhatExactly? WorstDesicionsEveeeer TripodAssemble crunklife lifeguardvestwated GoingBackIn9Days..NowIKnowTheRules
Thanks for the delayed flight @turkishairline.....i managed to finish @KAL's lounge jack bottle cuz of that....very i only have to figure out what to do for the next 13 hours.
Heading out to Morocco! Things are bound to look down from here! Amex has the good hook ups for the lounges @LAX tho. KAL is fairly nice. Next stop...Istanbul...worst detour ever!!! 48HoursTillArrival WorstLastMinuteFlightEver TimeForSomeCocktails
Theused Sandiego TheHouseOfBlues @fsuposca
San diego night @houseofblues only missed half the show Theused Sohotinhere Sauna @fsuposca
Ballin' is a hobby!! @fsuposca @robfacekillah Jesus grab the wheel!
The home office is finally completed. Let the productivity decline!
This is where my night starts....pre-gaming got me to that point before 10pm...lets see what kind of shananigans we can get into tonite! @fsuposca
@robfacekillah enjoy explaining those bills at the bank on monday! Seminolefranklin Batmanfranklin Douchyfranklin Santanisticfranklin etc
Testing The District last night w/ @maeschen_nation Ra Dub RetiredChippendales
These bad boys finally showed up in the mail today! Good way to start the let's see how long they survive! Drivers LV Nomoreshopping WinterShoesInCali
The baby has been put for adoption! Kinda sad to see it go...mainly cuz i'm carless now! Benz S550 Ubertotherescue Stuckhere needaride
TBT  Minime
It's going down this friday!! ActionBronson Theobservatory Bambambaklava @fsuposca @robfacekillah @coolio0079
Quiet saturday afternoon in Huntington beach....enjoy the view Canada! FredsCafe Beachlife LittleBitColdToday Latebreakfast WhiteRussianSaturday NoSnowHere @fsu @brand_oso @ajwaxed
Noelle's library...changing men 1 book at the time! NoellesBookClub Newmen MenEmpowerment WatchOutOprah whatMenNeedToKnow @robfacekillah @brand_oso @noelle_young
Santa ana police...keeping the street safe since 2014. DTSA Chapter1 @fsuposca @robfacekillah @brand_oso
This my punishment for bringing @fsuposca to a hip hop show! Emery Chainreaction Outofplace Whitepeopleheaven @robfacekillah @fsuposca @jfillet
Typical sunday for @robfacekillah Whitegirlproblems Whitegirlonhismind Bestseller
PHO!!! Westminster Crunkedandhungry WOW Phoshizzle @fsuposca @robfacekillah
Now the party started and Ricky Rosé is ripping shit up! MMG Calixmas Power106 RATCHETCITY pregaming!! @fsuposca @robfacekillah @coolio0079
CALI-Christmas!! RICKY ROSS X MEEK MILL! DOPE Sweetsuite BlackBottleBoys Maybachmusic MMG ratchetcity @fsuposca @robfacekillah @coolio0079
Kendrick lamar, rick ross, 2 chainz, B.O.B, J Cole and more!! @robfacekillah @fsuposca @coolio0079 RATCHETCITY Hondacenter About2getcrunk Worstbehavior
Happy birthday fucker!! Ladescaga Posca Partybusv Night2remember cubanclub @fsuposca @coolio0079 @robfacekillah @amylynnfisher @mon_m23 @hanayomartin @tomas_diaz10 and everyone else!!!
High school football game at the Angel stadium....high school was different for me! Football Highschool Materdei Momoneynoproblem @fsuposca @robfacekillah
JAY-Z in Anaheim! Sicker!! ROC HOV @fsuposca @coolio0079 @robfacekillah
No wonder i wasnt hungry today! Last night's 1am meal....sadly that's only part of the meal @pinkshotdogs Nomnomnom 12incher @robfacekillah @coolio0079
@kingpush concert in hollywood @robfacekillah @coolio0079 Theclipse Goodmusic Thirstytuesday
Sunday funday in LA! Clippers Lazysunday Soberingup @robfacekillah
My ride for the nite!! I'm on a boat bitch....welll eventually !
That's how you do a Lakers game @robfacekillah @coolio0079
Skybox!!! Lakers vs Spurs Ballingonabudget @robfacekillah @coolio0079
A lil taste of the hood! Compton represent! @brand_oso @robfacekillah Bludso Compton Ribs
6-0 on the game opener...not too shaby...too bad we missed 5 of the 6 goals! Tipsy Badtiming Jackdanielissues @robfacekillah
Season opener in Anaheim...5-0 ducks so far!! Killingthemsoftly Rapage Mightiestducks DinDentsLesRangers @robfacekillah
Meanwhile in santa ana...the latest sloth rape victim!...he enjoyed it so it's not rape @jfillet Slothrape Yeahyeahilikedit Anygivensaturday Happy
Late breakfast in Long Beach! Roscoes Toomuchfood Nomnomnom looks like it's gonna be a private showing tonite! Theworldsend Mandate @fsuposca
TBT  10 years back...look at this sweet fro hahaha
Night getting a lil better Sutra Blackparty Crownroyalpartyinmymouth @benslife @fsuposca @maeschen_nation
So tonite was supposed to be a relaxing night before i fly out at 6:45am 2moro....guess not! @fsuposca @maeschen_nation @benslife Baddecision About2flydrunk
The man, the myth, the legend! @fsuposca motha fucking Posca!!!
This can't be right!! 110 degrees! Caliheat Perfectday
This is what a 44$ pizza looks like in Vegas Secretpizza Pizzarape Nomnomnom Youknowyouwantsome soberingup postgame @arrian_culjak @maeschen_nation
Managed to get some Du Maurier in Las Vegas...thanks Youssef!! Laval Villestlaurent Libanaisabroad Marquee awailledonc smashed drunklife struglife
OC crew doing semi big Bachelorparty Marquee Dayclub DrunkLife struglife yeahyeahyouknowit vivalasvegas @maeschen_nation @cousart @arrian_culjak
Sunday funday Cosmicgate Marqueedayclub Vegas4life @arrian_culjak @maeschen_nation
This is what i walked into!! I liiiike! @arrian_culjak @maeschen_nation and missing is in action @fsuposca Vdara Sickroom Vegasbaby
How to not look like a drunk at 11am...double white russian in a cafe latte cup, thanks Vdara!! @arrian_culjak Breakfast VivaLasVegas
Tuesday night en el barrio homie! ProofBar Jacksonjacksonjacks Schoolnightdrinking Oldschool DTSA SantaAna
Breakfast for 3....captain style! Fishermanbreakfast SB4life @fsuposca @claairemarie @larafine23 @thedavehama
This is the life!! Santabarbara Harbor Ahoymate @fsuposca @claairemarie @thedavehama
Jumping da border Coyotes
Tofu and ribs, perfect combo! Kobatofuhouse
Typical saturday in vegas...too bad the waether is so so!! hardrockcasino Racksonracksonracks Fuckwhattheysay Bitchesbelikewhatwhat @jcpanganiban
Liquid brunch at the hard rock pool Youwanttobehere Drunkpeopleproblem struglifesaturdays Badweathernomatter jackdanieldiet ineedtomoveouthere
Heisenberg is getting some mad love in Vegas! Breakingbad AMC Heinsenberg Lasvegas picturetime
How was your friday afternoon? Marquisdayclub Drizzzunk Struglife Waytooearlytopassout fail turntup WOW
Getting an early start! Lasvegas Marquisdayclub Allthewayturntup Liquiddiet jackncoke
The aftermat :s Norms Open25hoursaday Grandslam Bigbellyteam cardio2moro FAIL @jfillet
Impromtu after party in a barbershop DTSA Onlyinsantaana Homies Nosleep  partyalltime neverleaveamanbehind struglife afterhour vodka&squirt ratchedness till5indamorning @jfillet @mrush86
Santa ana special! Run into a wall for no reason! PoliceDUI ShitHappens Oooooouups Fuckedup
Perfect 6th meal! SantaAna Streetmeat Titsntacos Chapter1 paleodietfail struglife
Damn i miss it already! Domicanrepublic Nofilter Dreamspalmbeachresort Sunrise DR struglifeabroad
Almost home, been travelling for like15 hours and i can't get my bagPuntacana Baggagedelays Johnwayneairport Tiredpeopleproblem
Last meal before the plane ride.....Punta Cana via...Newark :( Nothing a triple jack&coke can't fix! Shittyflight Nightcap Drunkflying Jackandcoke liquiddiet
Amen to that! Mtl2cali Bonnestjean
Sick cover band! Not my style but partying to it like a mothafocka! TheKillers Palmsprings Struglife4life Coverband @fsuposca @davehama @claairemarie
Rackalicious Juggernauts Palmsprings @fsuposca @claairemarie @claairemarie
Trying to create a prince! Palmsprings Fairytales Froglife PrinceCharming drunklife
Piss break + smoke break in a drive-thru Palmsprings Drinkhardplayharder Paleodietfail @fsuposca @davehama @claairemarie
Let the retardedness begin! Realdelriohotel Tijuana Soontobedrunk Borachos mexico dudewhereismyroom @mrush86 @jfillet
Great way to start the weekend!! Highway5sucksballs Idiotdrivers Parked Deadstop
Drinking for a good cause! Nickysweek Ra Samuraicowboy Afternoondelight @fsuposca
Sick mobb deep show...all classic Onlyinla @mrush86 @jfillet. Dopemusic OldSkool Mobbdeep theinfamous
Mobb deep @mrush86 @jfillet