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I see this Clouds in the Sky this Morning , what do u think? EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Nature Lover
I think Trees are very impressive! It doesn't matter what time , they look Awesome what do u think? Nature EyeEm Nature Lover Sky
Nature beautiful lavender Flowers Eye4photography  EyeEm Best Shots
Nature Time for some Walking Forest the ☀️ is shining EyeEm Best Shots Eye4photography
Good morning Clouds Sky Good Morning EyeEm Best Shots
Skateboard Chair his looks amazing, what do u think ;) ? Eye4photography  EyeEmBestPics Street
Listen to Music is one of my favorite things! Iphone6 Music EyeEm Best Shots - Black + White
Nofilter Iphone6 this is just a Table. I think this point of view looks amazing. Great for a new wallpaper :)
SurfacePro3 awesome 2 in 1 ☺
Spring ?
Macbook Air
Playground OpenEdit
this Oldschool Radio is at our workplace. i don't now how old it is, but i love it . What do u think? OpenEdit
Zeit für ein Update Lumia Windows 10
Just Taking Notes
Night Shoot by Htc One M8
New project Learn CSS Html
Pencil Drawing <3
Soon 53 Pencil Themetro
HTC One M8 Lollipop
New jersey - Celtic Glasgow
Next Up Suits  Serie
Mein Gewinn ist endlich eingetroffen, Danke an @DakiX Oneplusone
Zum Aufwärmen erstmal en Tee Blackandwhite
Assassinscreedunity in der Bastille Edition eingetroffen :-)
Brilliant Buttons Just Buttons
Die LG G Watch R ist zum Test eingetroffen. Review demnächst auf Themetro Black & White
Der heilige Kölner Dom Nofilter 1und1hwl
Time for some Tea :-)
Erstmal einen Tee , heute Red fruit Flash
Die Rückseite des Motox2014 ist aus Leder <3
This Phone is Awesome Lumia830 you can read my review at
Ready for #GERGIB Weltmeister 2014
Next Step Assassinscreed
Das Review zur Eyefi mobi sdkarte ist auf online schaut doch mal dabei
Der beste Apfelsaft der Welt :-) Possman Hessen Landapfel
Was es alles so gibt ?! Retro Gamer Magazine
It is Time for an Update XboxOne Preview @xbox ?
Assasins creed richtig geiles Game
Tooooor für Frankfurt
Sge gegen Inter Mailand, let the ball roll :-)
New Shirt for my Jerseycollection Lyon
It is time for an Update Windowsphone Update1
Nextup selbstgemachter Eistee :-) i love it :)
First XboxOne Game Assasinscreed i love this Series
Next up XboxOne
Done Yosemite Macosx
Beta Time Yosemite Macosx
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