Ricki Garcia


Im just me
Hatchback life<3 Jdm Cars Hatchback Sexy
Watching 2fast 2furious
My baby Dro💙
Lmfao Jdm Cars 2jz Motors
Them bandits don't mess around Jdm Bandits Motors
Happy Easter (: lots of love from Dro<3
Ahhh best day ever <3 Mybaby G35 Carmeet Htown
How we use to race.... How we race now(: Jdm Cars
Dro and I :)
Oh yes (: Jdm Wheels Sexyaf Cars
Day 1(:
Which one will you chose?? R33<3 Jdm Skyline Sexyaf Cars
sexy😍Jdm Jdmjunkkiees Sexyaf Motors Damn Sexyaf Beautiful Cars Jdmaf Omg
Yup this is what I been doing all day (; Jdm Cars Movies Lazyday InitialD Crackle Racing
I love my Chloe monster <3
Lmao lmao lmao omg chole Monster is pissed now yall know why I call her monster
Dro and I watching Animal Planet(:
Lol so true(: Jdm Honda Fast Life Races Race Cars Fast Furious
True... <3
Sexy😜 Jdm Slammed Sexy WOW Stance Wet Clean Lower Car Cars Sexy
Heck yha almost out.. but right now its lunch break...(: I guess panda express it is :p
Oh yess(;
Too dope(:
Lmfao I love this movie!!!!!! Stepbrothers Funny LOL Mademyday
Whatcha know about my funny faces lol :p Sillytimes Bored Funny
"Boy you should know what your falling for" (;
Chloe Monster (:
This is true love.(:
Gotta spoil myself before I spoil anyone else(; Wedontlovethesehoes !!
Lmao the stuff i see on IG (: Repost Funny Lolcat
Lol yup.(:
GoodMorning(: Wooo TGIF!!
Dude I want them!!! BBS Rims Car Jdm Love Gottahavethem
He was a very curious dog he loved watching tv lol
So true <3
Badass night at Cowboys now time to go to bed(:
Tonight is a "staying out of trouble" Kinda night... Jk TurnUp lmao.