I'm a digital marketer. I love motorcycles and trust me, I know how to ride one.. I'm a part time photographer and I still buy music
The girl with orange hat... LensOFF Hat Girl Orange Botanical Gardens
Morning Rain Check This Out Rain LensOFF Nature
Hey birdie birdie birdie!! Check This Out Bird Photography Birds LensOFF Nikon EyeEm Nature Lover Color Dominate Photography
With Flash, without Flash 😂😁 Flash Funny Photography Fun LensOFF
Why shoot rain drops when you can shoot rain lines 😜 Check This Out Taking Photos Rainy Days Nature_collection EyeEm Nature Lover LensOFF
Turns out I like street portraits 😏 Check This Out Hanging Out LensOFF Blackandwhite EyeEm Nikon Black & White Portraits Streetphoto_bw
Wonderful time with friends and unknown people.. Check This Out LensOFF Blackandwhite Friends Taking Photos Enjoying Life
Color my world .. Just paint it!! Color Portrait Blackandwhite Portraits Myworld That's Me Nikon Painting EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm LensOFF
Piña apple.. Check This Out Taking Photos Fruit Leaf LensOFF
Alien invasion!! Behold human, I control you now.. 😄 Dragonfly Butterfly Fly Hello World Taking Photos
Vegetables Colors Fresh Produce Fresh LensOFF
Peek-a-boo!!!! Taking Photos Kids Being Kids Kids Black & White LensOFF
1% rubber, 1% germs, 1% hope and 97% happiness Nikon D90 Color Dominate Photography Awesome Beach Beachphotography LensOFF
Second best thing I do with my lips.. ? That's Me Close Up Smile Nikon D90 Portraits
Sometimes, you just can't make sound.. That's Me Black & White Screem Nikon
It's worm in here.. ? Check This Out Taking Photos Macro
Beach Relaxing
It's all about perception.. See good ;) Black & White Black And White Secret Garden The Bench
Self Portre Portraits Portrait Photography Portrait Color
Fly -high.. Smoking
Who's up for a flower?
FLY High.. ;)
What the BUG!!
My ex.. I still miss her.... :-( But again, my aim is getting better :-D
There was a time, no time bounds, no worries.. nothing.. I was only good in biking..
First Eyeem Photo