Recommended Beers
Cooking Trying Something New
My Pets Napping I Love My Dog Lazy Afternoon
Recommended Beers Home Brew I Love My Dog
Recommended Beers
Birds Nest Home bird's nest below my balcony
Recommended Beers long week
Recommended Beers
Cauliflower and kale New Recipe Yummy!
Recommended Beers
Recommended Beers
Fall Colors Leaves Sniggyu
Checking the percent alcohol of the first batch
Transferring the first batch to the secondary fermentation container
Final cooling process, dropping temperature to 60 degrees
Chilling the wort
Second round of hops added, 15 more minutes of boiling
First round of hops added, followed by a 60 minute boil and more hops
Malt added to home brew
Step three brewing beer, adding grains to water between 155 and 175 degrees farenheit
Brewing Beer everything sanitized and ready to make some beer
Recommended Beers First Step In Brewing Beer
Kayak Flying Squirrel Liquid Logic Loveit
Cat Beer Thief Diadema
Silly Kitty Couch Naptime
Cooking Trying Something New
Dog Walking My Road  Fall Leaves
Dog Squirrel
Turtle OM
Waterfall huckin Waterfall Kayaking Whitewater