Just another face in the crowd, Portugal chick, in love with street photography ❤
BLOODY Horror Creepy Self Portrait
Tiger Red Relaxing
Cat Newborn Life Black And White
Church Monument My Town Good Times
Sunrise Hello World Sun
Enjoying Life Relaxing Hello World Colorful
Vibration Art Painting Artist Colorful
Christmas Tree Colorful Taking Photos
Taking Photos My Town Eye4photography
Church Door Eye4photography  My Town
Monument Sunset Church
Photobomb Relaxing Enjoying Life
Bleeding heart Art Painting Artist Heart
Selfie Hello World Cheese! That's Me
Best friend Hanging Out Taking Photos Black And White Eye4photography
Art Artist Painting Black And White
Black And White Eye4photography  Monument Grave
My Town Enjoying Life Looking At Things Vintage Shopping
Drinking Wine Good Times Red
A 1 week old baby cat orphan im taking care of Cat Kitty Newborn Love