philippe lejeanvre

French photographer living in Chengdu, China.
philippe lejeanvre
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Full frame shot of wet glass window
Low angle view of illuminated building at night
High angle view of city buildings
Modern buildings in city against sky during sunset
Aerial view of buildings in city against sky during sunset
Aerial view of city at sunset
Close-up of man playing with ball
Ivy on grass against trees
Aerial view of city lit up at night
Cat on tree trunk
Reflection of trees in calm lake against clear blue sky
Reflection of trees in front of pond in park against blue sky
Aerial view of city against clear blue sky
Close-up of red flowers
Boat in water against trees
Close-up of tea on table
Close-up of branches during sunrise
Low angle view of illuminated lanterns hanging at night
High angle view of elevated road at night
High section of trees on hill against clear blue sky
Close-up of red lanterns hanging in row
Blurred motion of illuminated city at night
Low angle view of communications tower against cloudy sky
Building against sky at sunset
Cityscape against cloudy sky
Buildings in city
Low angle view of eiffel tower
River with eiffel tower in background
High angle view of cityscape
Traditional windmill against sky
Cityscape against sky